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Targeting Pro Technologies IT Support Services

New IT Support Services Division

Targeting Pro Technologies is proud to announce our new IT Support Services division - offering customers options in Risk Management, CyberSecurity, Computer Support, Networking/Wifi, and Telecommunications.

Not all organizations have the ability to have an on-staff IT support specialist.  Targeting Pro Technologies offers an on-call, as-needed support tech to meet all of your business needs including IT procurement, setup, installation and maintenance.

IT Support Services - Targeting Pro Technologies
Targeting Pro Technologies IT Services

Let us assist you with your business technology - your trusted, certified IT consultant.  We can help guide you with technology purchases, setup, and maintenance on an as-call, as-needed basis.

Risk Management

Do not allow yourself and your business be open to cyber attacks.  Let Targeting Pro Technologies review your business and identify your areas of weakness and how to fix those problems.


There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those that will be.  How safe is your business from cyber attacks?  Many organizations are not aware of simple security protocols that can help keep their data, customer information, and sensitive business details away from prying hands.

Computer Support

With all of the technology options out there, deciding what type of system, PC/laptop/mobile specs, networking equipment, security systems, and back-up setups are needed can all be a bit overwhelming.  We sit down and map out your business needs to specify exactly what type of systems you need to run your organization efficiently.  This means you get exactly what you need, while knowing all of the options and upgrades available to you.

Networking / Wifi

Get connected and stay connected, your network is the hub of what allows your business to run efficiently.  Not only do you connect your machines such as your computers, servers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, faxes, and more... but also your people.  Your network has to have the correct amount of infrastructure, power, and security.


Communications are an organization's lifeline, and we help you stay up and running.  We can assist you with your data source, your networking transmitter, the network transmission medium, and each of your receivers.

Targeting Pro Technologies CyberSecurity
CyberSecurity Consultant - Targeting Pro Technologies

Let us help sort out the IT side of keeping your business up and running!

Contact Targeting Pro Technologies >>

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Heat Things Up This Summer With These Seven FREE Sizzling Marketing Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

Seven Sizzling Summer Marketing Tips!

Targeting Pro Marketing - Summer Marketing Specialist
Seven Inspiring Summer Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Things are heating up and spending fever is catching on quick, time to kick your business marketing into gear while the iron is hot! It is easy to neglect the busy months of summer, but with these seven super easy marketing tips you simply can’t go wrong!

Summer Savings Promotional Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

1. Summer Savings Promotion

Summer is the perfect time to launch a new marketing campaign. Even if summer is your busy season, ride the wave of success longer with proper marketing and building brand awareness. Take the time to sketch out exactly what you want to accomplish this season – be sure to keep it reasonable for the time frame. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to gain more popularity on social media? Do you want to have more product sales? Do you want to get the word out about your new summer offer? Be specific about your goals, and start a timeline of things that need to be done in order to make that happen. Marketing Tip: Be sure to keep your theme and slogan throughout your holiday marketing efforts.

Summer Marketing Slogans Help - Targeting Pro Marketing


Beaches / Sand
Beach Towels / Umbrellas / Lawn Chairs
Flip Flops / Sunglasses
Ice Cream
Sun / Sunshine
Palm Trees
Heat / Hot
Make A Splash This Summer
Dip Into Summer Savings
The Doctor Ordered More Vitamin Sea
Hot Summer Deals
Summer Fun Has Begun
Chill Out This Summer
Summer Vacation
Beat The Heat
Don’t Get Burnt This Summer
Fun In The Sun

Summer Print Marketing Design Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

2. Summer Print Media Marketing Campaign

Get in the summer spirit with a fun summer theme. Pick a theme and sketch out an idea to get the word out about your hot summer promotion. Accomplish this with various types of flyers, such as tri-folds, networking handouts, self mailers, and postcards just to name a few - not to mention signage, banners, and themed displays. Be sure your design is professional-looking and delivers your summer marketing message effectively. To ensure that happens, be sure to hire a professional print design company that will get you the product you need to wow customers.

Summer Web Design Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

3. Summer Web Design Enhancements

Let your client-base know you are putting together something special for the summer by jazzing up your website. This helps online clients get in the mood with colorful summer images that compliment your theme. Be sure to highlight your summer savings deals with banners and icon placement in strategic areas of your website. Be sure to incorporate your slogan for better branding and name recognition. Not sure where to start with your web design? Targeting Pro Marketing can help point you in the right direction with a free web analysis ($100 value) - simply put "Summer Marketing Help" in the comments, and we will be in touch!

Summer Graphic Design - Targeting Pro Marketing

4. Summer-Time Graphics

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, creating an enticing summer marketing event with custom graphics specifically designed for it can really bring in sales! The biggest goal of creating a marketing event for your business is to make that event memorable. Use bright colors, and flashy graphics in your print designs, web enhancements, and of course social media. Images are shared a lot more on social media than anything else and have a huge impact as they can be shared easily. Want to increase your reach? Include a graphic with your summer theme marketing event that compliments the message you are trying to send out. Be specific – do you want them to like, share, comment, give their opinion, win a prize, etc? If you want them to “Save the Date” of a big sales event, create an event for your Facebook Page, share it in local networking groups, and manage any questions Facebook users may have. Remember: Make it noticeable, make it amazing, make it memorable – apply that to visually appealing graphics and you have a great combo! Need a little help with putting together some great summer sales designs? Targeting Pro Marketing can help with that, graphic design is our specialty!

Blog Content Landing Pages Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

5. Summer Blog Content / Seasonal Landing Pages

In a world where the internet is the information highway, content is STILL king! Don’t neglect your custom article, blog write-ups, unique landing pages, and event details. Doing so with custom-written content will have the search engines crawling all over your website. Couple that with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you can really start getting traction for your marketing efforts! Including design elements, incorporating SEO, and having “capture pages” for customers to land on can help to increase traffic and sales during the summer. Keeping them with your theme can also make them evergreen content – meaning you can use them again, and again each year! (And we’re all about going green, right?)

Summer Social Media Marketing - Targeting Pro Marketing

6. Summer Social Media Marketing Campaign

Its not just for kids! More and more people are influenced on purchase decisions based off social media exposure. Why? Let’s face it, humans are social creatures. Studies have shown that if someone knows another person that has had an experience with a product or company, they are more than likely going to purchase that product or through that company on the good recommendation their friend has. This is what makes social media a vital part of your marketing campaign. Now with using targeted ads, you can increase your reach to certain demographics and literally get what you pay for with each click. Couple this with the custom graphics, Facebook events, and other social media platforms, you can really extend your marketing reach during the hot summer months!

Summer Sales Promotion Give-Away Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

7. Summer Give-Aways

Nothing gets attention faster than a freebie on the internet. It may seem like a pun, but anyone on, in, or around social media will get a chuckle out of that one – because it is SO TRUE. If you really want to garner attention to your summer marketing event, be sure to offer something to customers (and new potential customers) something for free. This could be a door prize for visiting your in-store location, it could be for a free item with purchase, it can be for participating in liking and sharing your Facebook event, or it can be a goodie bag for kids. Whatever you decide on, make sure it matches with your theme, and offers value to your customer. Offering these goodies can speak volumes and can give customers a great reason for stopping in or trying your products. Giving something away for free rarely costs anything on a technical level – because you can pay much for the opportunity to just be noticed by a client in paid advertising. There is no price on personal experience! Market your freebies and give-aways right, and you can stir up a lot of interest without breaking the bank.

Free Summer Marketing Tips Tricks Ideas - Targeting Pro Marketing


Don’t fry your eggs all in one pan this summer! When putting together your summer marketing platform, try not to rely on one tactic or platform, be sure to spread out your efforts. Think of it like casting a larger net – you have more reach with the potential of bringing in more clients and more sales. Diversify your marketing strategy and do a bit of everything, from there watch your metrics closely and take note of what works and what doesn’t.

Have questions on your setting up your marketing campaign? Targeting Pro Marketing specializes in seasonal marketing campaigns, and we will be more than happy to help walk you through the process that is right for you, your business, your industry, your area, and your budget.

Summer Sales Help - Professional Services - Targeting Pro Marketing

Targeting Pro Marketing Specialist - CONTACT TARGETING PRO MARKETING HERE >>

As a special thank-you for reading our Free Tips on Summer Marketing blog article! If you found this article helpful, please share the love with friends, family, and business colleagues that could also use a boost this summer!

See More Designs For More Marketing Inspiration - Targeting Pro Marketing


Targeting Pro Marketing Free Tips Tricks Ideas For Summer Seasonal Marketing

Mark and Christine Barber
Targeting Pro Marketing
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Virtual Assistant | Web/Graphic Designer | SEO | Drone Photographer | Social Media Expert
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Forward With These FREE Easter Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Get in the GREEN this Spring Holiday Season with these easy to do Easter marketing tips, tricks, and ideas!  

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FREE Easter Holiday Marketing Tips Tricks and Ideas

It’s time to spring forward with your business marketing!  So many small businesses fall short during the year because they only focus on the big ticket holidays of winter.  Why not jazz things up in Spring, when sales are in full bloom?  With the following information, you will find some great marketing tips to help keep you in the green this season, compliments of Targeting Pro Marketing

1. Easter Holiday Greeting To Clients

Easter is a fabulous holiday, and it can also be equally wonderful in your marketing campaign.  This is perfectly timed to be after the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year rush, and is an excellent time to remind clients of your business, your brand, your products, and your services.  Putting together a holiday greeting message to clients is one of the simplest forms of marketing you can commit to.  It can be something as simple as coming up with a holiday slogan, using a holiday-themed logo, and pushing your branding to an Email Campaign, signage, print media such as flyers/brochures, and social media images.  Be sure to keep your theme and slogan throughout your holiday marketing efforts. 

2. Easter Promotion

Sit down and hash out an excellent Easter offer that will bring your clients to your store, generate phone calls, or trigger email responses.  To do that you first must recognize what it is you want to accomplish.  Do you want to get more appointments?  Grow website traffic?  Increase revenue?  Build customer loyalty?  Increase brand awareness?

Build something that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.  A Spring Marketing Plan can mean a bonus revenue source this year!   Need help putting together a Marketing Plan?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for help with your Easter endeavor.

3. Show Your Easter Spirit

Let your client-base know you are putting together something special for the spring holiday.  Create a marketing campaign with a catchy slogan you can use all day, week, and month long (and re-purpose every year if you wanted to)!  Here are some captivating Easter slogan ideas that will keep them coming back from more:


EGG-cellent Savings!
We’re so EGG-Cited!
Hop On In!
Sale EGG-stravaganza!
Hop To It!
Spring Forward With These Savings!
Some Bunny Loves You
Spring Is In The Air
Check Out THESE Easter Eggs…
Easter Blessings
Keep Calm And Easter On
EGG-Citing Savings
24 Karat Deals
Basket Full Of Goodies
Color Me Happy
Head Down To The Carrot Patch
Cast Your Peepers On This!
For My Peeps…
Sunrise Service
To Dye For
You Make Me Hoppy
You Crack Me Up
Spring Fling
Just To Dye For

4. Create An Event

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, creating an enticing Easter holiday event can really bring in sales!  The biggest goal of creating a marketing event for your business is to make that event memorable.  You want them to “save the date” – which is pretty important in today’s standards.  Save the date can mean slapping your flyer on the fridge, “going” to your event on Facebook, or having someone finding your deal so irresistible they put it in their phone and make it an “event” to go to.  What could be better?  Remember: Make it noticeable, make it amazing, make it memorable. 

5. Create An Easter Contest

Nothing gets more interaction than creating a contest.  What does that mean for your business?  That means making a prize worth attaining, or an event worth participating in.  Here are some contest ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Photo Contest

Do you provide products to clients?  What about creating an event where your products are featured in client photos?  Not only is this excellent PR (Public Relations), this can be reusable content you can use in future promotions.  It is a wealth of possibilities!  The same thing is for those in the service industry.  For example: Do you provide lawn care?  Why not have the “best lawn” Spring competition?  For restaurants, why not have clients post their “Favorite Dish” – even if the results are a custom client special, let them know how you are willing to please!  Seriously, the possibilities really are endless with this novel approach.  Need help or guidance for rules and regulations for your contest?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing and we would be happy to guide you through your contest process.

In-Store Event

What is better than having your clients peruse your store on the holiday day off?  Offering something special to them!  Why not create an “Easter Egg Hunt” right in your store?  Set a time frame, hide specials, deals, and coupons in Easter Eggs, and hide them throughout the store.  Select a time frame that those customers can discover your amazing deals, and have an amazing experience.  Extra points to ask those clients to have their photo taken or picture of their products showing their excitement and appreciation for winning your special sale event.

Community Event

It isn’t just about the store, take your business to the next level by offering to participate in a community event.  You can sponsor a school, organization, church or charity to put on an Easter special event.  Do what you are passionate about.  If you have a certain charity, church, non-profit, or organization you support – highlight your partnership on this loving spring holiday. Giving blessings for a memorable event for people create life-long fans, don't skimp on matters of the heart!

6. “Easter Egg” Find

It’s not just for kids!  You can set up an Easter Egg Hunt in your store (see above), or you can even do an Easter Egg Hunt event on your website.  How can you do that?  Create Easter images with special discounts and codes for your clients.  Hide those images in not-so-traveled areas of your website.  This rewards clients to search your website and discover areas they may not have known even existed.  Rewarding them for their efforts is just icing on the cake! What fun!

7. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Jump right in and sponsor a holiday Easter Egg Hunt in your local community.  This can be providing supplies, coloring eggs, offering food/drink, or offering a venue for the Easter Egg Hunt.  This will get a lot of promotion as partners and charities will typically give their sponsors notoriety for their efforts.  Be sure to ask around to local schools, churches, children groups, and non-profits to see if you can team up and have an exceptionally great holiday experience! (Egg-ceptionally?)

Easter Egg Hunts aren’t just for kids anymore, if your business caters to a more adult atmosphere, be sure to target your egg hunt to that.  You can do in-store hunts for coupons, product placements, goodie bags, and more! Let's face it, as adults most of us really enjoy shopping, why not make it fun with an Easter holiday theme? Now THAT is a marketing promotion to dye for! (Har-har!)

8. Give-Away Easter Goodies

Spring is a time for new beginnings, don’t be afraid to invest in the concept of the “freebie” to rouse attention.  Something for free isn’t always a sale lost, it is an opportunity (sound familiar?).  If a client has not heard of your business, or has not been made aware of a particular good or service you provide, offering that goodie in the form of something for free can speak volumes.  Depending on what you do, you can offer a free item to clients in raffles, in-store give-aways, event goodie-bags, or charity door prizes.  Giving away a free massage, free haircut, or free item up to a certain amount can bring brand awareness to what you have to offer, and gain you both web and foot traffic.  Giving something away for free rarely costs anything on a technical level – because you can pay as much for the opportunity to just be noticed by a client in paid advertising.  There is no price on personal experience! Again, don't forget the heart and keep your marketing goals in mind of what you are trying to achieve.

 Easter Social Media Campaign

Bringing your holiday marketing to the social media platform can gain you exponential exposure!  There are so many options you can do to participate in this beautiful holiday event.  Share holiday-themed images. Be careful here - slapping up just any old image can have serious repercussions if not executed properly. Sniping an image you found online and posting it "as your own image" can land you in hot water with copyright infringement, you may not think it is a big deal until it happens to you. You can get sued by the original creator and/or owner of that image, and they can go after "perceived profits" if you used it in a marketing campaign that you financially benefited from. If you are going to borrow images, make sure you either have permission or give proper credit. It is always safest to have a custom image designed for your company, then there is no worry or concern of copyrights. Don't be afraid to be social, just be sure you aren't stepping on anyone's toes to do it.

Holiday-Themed Products

Offering customers Easter products is a simple and easy promotion for social media.  It has become the face of social interaction – and people have not only grown accustomed to holiday promotions, the introduction of holiday images, feelings, emotions, and messages is practically expected.  Product placement can be especially successful when paired with timely holiday images.  Do it right, and your fan base will even do the promotions for you with sharing! You can really shine here with Easter-themed images, product placement, and paired with tasteful messages and graphics can really go a long way.


Let us not forget you can make your holiday contests social!  This means you can promote and advertise your “social event” with a gusto, and you need only to sit back and monitor fan engagement.  Setting up a contest can be tricky on some platforms, if you need a social media marketing expert to offer assistance you along the way, Targeting Pro Marketing is happy to help.

Fan Engagement

Holidays are a special time in the marketing year.  You can invoke feelings and emotions that may not be present during the typical sale year.  Promoting your event properly on social media can elicit high customer engagement, and create a “sharing is caring” environment. A great marketing campaign pulls at many things, interesting visuals, proper placement, complimentary colors, thoughtful messages, correct fonts for the message, and pulling at the heart strings is just an added bonus. Make it special, and your customers will "feel it" when they see it.

Make Things “Pinteresting”

We have never left the world where a picture speaks a thousand words.  That being said, you should make extra efforts to take beautiful photos as it pertains to your business.  Posting these images (in a non-sales format, or you could get nailed for spam) can certainly gain interest and customer love when applied correctly. The more interesting and beautiful the image, the more likely it will be gobbled up and shared exponentially on this visual platform.

10. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Try not to rely on just one sales platform.  Diversifying your marketing can really give you a broad-coverage on your marketing campaign.  The more diverse you are, and the more marketing avenues you pursue, the more likely you are to find success on holiday sales. 

Have questions on your marketing?  Targeting Pro Marketing specializes in holiday campaigns, and we will be more than happy to help walk you through the process that is right for you, your business, your industry, and your budget.  CONTACT US HERE >>  Targeting Pro Marketing Specialist

As a special thank-you for reading our blog article, please accept our current Easter offer.  Thanks for hopping by!

Easter Marketing Deals Discounts Specials and Coupons

Need inspiration? 

Happy Easter Holiday Marketing Deal

Mark and Christine Barber
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Seven Sweet Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Seven Sweet Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Free Holiday Marketing Tips by Targeting Pro Marketing

Valentine’s Day – the day chosen to show that special someone just how much they mean to you.  Why not apply the same concept to your customers?  After all, we certainly love our clients!  We also absolutely love what we do.  Here are some great Valentine marketing tips, tricks, and ideas to get your customers to fall in love with you all over again. 

1. A Catchy Valentine’s Day Slogan

These are not just “Hallmark Holidays” as some people like to refer to, the holidays do get people in the holiday spirit, in the mindset of giving, and make them think about what the holiday represents.  If you aren’t capitalizing on this, you may be missing the love boat on days like Valentine’s Day.  Here are some slogans to make your heart melt:

Check Out These Sweet Deals
Fall In Love With These Discounts
Make It From The Heart This Year…
Hugs And Kisses For The Mrs
Hearts, And Roses, And Chocolates, Oh My!
Let’s Have A Heart To Heart
Cakes And Candy Certainly Are Dandy
Steal Their Heart This Valentine’s Day

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Incorporate your catchy and custom slogan into your holiday marketing.  That means pushing your slogan in your promotional print materials, signage, website banners, graphic designs, event promos, and email campaigns.  Your marketing efforts should all tie into one another and should be tracked, giving you clear analytics as to what is successful and what is not so you know where to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars.  Not sure what direction to head in?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for a consultation, and we can help you design your marketing road map to success!

2. Love Your Special Clients

Don’t let them get away!  Show how much you care about your clients by developing an exceptional holiday deal for them.  If you have a large client base, use analytics to discern which clients are your most valuable, and design your deal around that.  You can also entice them back into your store with in-store coupons, limited time discounts on services, and great deals on select retail items.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Create a Client Appreciation Event to show your customers just how much they mean to you.  You can make this exclusive to existing clients, include an “invite a friend” option, or leave it open to the public.  You can require a sign-up registry to capture new client information, or have existing clients update their contact information in the process.

3. Web Design Update For Valentine’s Day

Don’t reserve web updates for just the big ticket holidays!  Adding thoughtful and emotion-provoking images to your website shows you are keeping your site fresh, and can put customers “in the mood” for holiday shopping.  Even a simple color change to match the holidays can put people psychologically into the spirit of love.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Change over your entire theme by editing your CSS with an entire palette of holiday colors and images.  This theme can also be reused year after year without having to do a complete redesign again.  You can do this initial cost and then repurpose it for years to come!  If you would like to know more about Targeting Pro Marketing web design fees, please feel free to contact us for a free web design quote.

4. Valentine’s Email Campaign

Hit them in the mailbox!  Don’t let love slip by, if you went to all the trouble of designing a great deal, it doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it.  Send customers the details of your special via email.  You can bring them back to your store, or create online shopping deals they just can’t pass up.  Plan ahead and be sure to get them the deals early before your competition, and plan for the holiday rush.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Include a trackable coupon code for your deals, this way you will know how many of your sales were directly generated from your special.  You can also use custom url’s if your email program doesn’t have a good tracking system built-in.  Knowing this valuable marketing analytics will let you know how effective your advertising tactics are working.  This also holds your marketing company accountable for what types of results you can expect.  If you are dealing with a marketing  company that promises the moon and the stars for an email campaign, they should be able to provide clear analytics on the performance.  All marketing companies should be able to provide you with a reasonable range and percentage, but do not pay top dollar for low-quality services.  Need some holiday email marketing ideas?  Check out our Targeting Pro Project Gallery for inspiration!

5.  Print Marketing For Valentine’s Day

Don’t underestimate the power of a gorgeous flyer!  Even if you don’t send your marketing via mail, you can create a visual discount sheet / coupons for your customers.  You can also create a “share the love” campaign for referring a friend.  This grows your customer base AND rewards the customers that love you!

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Don’t just throw money at the mailbox, make sure it is working for you.  Be sure to include unique trackable coupons in your print marketing (do not use the same coupon codes that you place in your email campaign, or on social media), this allows you to create strong marketing pillars and know where your strong advertising efforts are paying off.  How about a little print marketing inspiration?  You can find that in the Targeting Pro Marketing Gallery as well – specifically including Valentine’s Day projects!

6. Valentine’s Day Blog Post

Don’t leave anyone out in the cold!  This is a great way to highlight featured items or services you have to offer.  Remember, your blog should be updated regularly and is a great way to push your brand recognition, harvest SEO traction, and put specialized information that may not be entirely appropriate for your website like informative articles, product comparisons, product highlights, etc.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Use your holiday blog post as an educational opportunity.  Do you have common questions about certain products?  Why not create a product feature post?  If you are a business-to-business company, you can share the love with featuring one of your client’s companies in a blog post.  Not only will this be a great relationship-builder for your client, you can share a lot of link love to their website, products, social media, and more!  Now who wouldn’t love that? 

7. Valentine’s Day Photography

An image really is worth a thousand words, so do not undervalue what a strong, compelling, or even adorable image can trigger purchasing power.  Go all out on your product or service highlights that incorporate the powerful holiday of love including whites, pinks, and reds, hearts, cupids, doves, roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and candy.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Use these photos paired with your slogan and distribute them across all of your marketing efforts including your website, email campaigns, social media, and print marketing.  Need help deciding on what direction to head towards next?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing to help you hash out your holiday marketing plan.

So there you have it, Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your customer appreciation, share the love with your business partners, and provide goods and services that make your clients’ heart melt! 

Show the love!  If you find these tips helpful, please feel free to share them, because sharing is caring.

 Mark and Christine Barber
Targeting Pro Marketing
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Virtual Assistant | Web/Graphic Designer | SEO | Drone Photographer | Social Media Expert
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Top 7 New Years Marketing Resolutions For Your Business

New Years Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas by Targeting Pro Marketing

Top 7 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions For Your Business

We know marketing is not easy.  It is one of the most diverse and dynamic parts of running or owning a business.  Knowing when and where to spend your invested marketing money can be nerve-wracking.  With the new year brings great promise of the future.  Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions… to get healthy, to drop a bad habit, to further their education, to step outside their comfort zone, or to simply grow as a person.  What if you apply those to your business?  These top 7 marketing rejuvenation efforts will leave you glowing for the upcoming year!

1. Stop Procrastinating With Your Marketing Plan

We all know how difficult it can be to carve out the time for a Marketing Plan.  This important first step usually hangs up most entrepreneurs, but it is the most vital.  Charting out a course for where your business is headed, what you would like to achieve, and setting milestone goals is imperative to achieving the goals you set forth.  How can you possibly know where you are headed without a road map?  This huge first step is what will fundamentally shape your marketing efforts not just for the upcoming year, but how you operate moving forward.

2. Be Mobile-Friendly

It is not just about the desktop PC anymore… more and more users are gaining access to and using their mobile devices as their main source of information.  Waiting for your gas to pump, in the doctor’s office, getting directions, or simply looking up info while you are watching television, mobile devices have become our pocket window to information.  Countless users are looking on their devices rather than breaking out their laptop or sitting down at the computer in the evenings like they used to.  Creating mobile-friendly information for your clients and customers to consume will set you that much ahead of your competition. 

3. Create a Responsive Website

Continuing with the mobile gateway, it is extremely important that your website is responsive.  That means it will adjust for whatever device the viewer is using at that time – whether it is tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, or other device, your website can adjust itself automatically for maximum usability for the user experience.  As an example, check out our Marketing Project Gallery most recent responsive website design for The Home Team of North Central Florida. 

4. Say Hello to Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is expensive and outdated.  Long gone are the days of cold calls or huge amounts of mass postal mailings to “maybe” reach the customers you are looking for.  Inbound marketing puts a positive spin on marketing.  Don’t just spam customers, create content that they love!  Providing detailed information on goods, services, educational materials, informative articles, and photo galleries gives customers what they want, which is to initially consume information.  Once your customer lands on your blog or website, brand awareness has been achieved.  Move these clients further down the pipeline and you have a lucrative sales process! Need help with a Marketing Plan? Contact us for assistance!

5. Map Out Your Content Strategy

Although many folks may think this belongs under the previously mentioned Marketing Plan, but your content strategy is a part of that.  Your content strategy will specifically target your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, grant you higher placement in the search engines, and you will be providing the content your clients have come to know and love.  Determine what it is you would like to convey in the upcoming year (superior service, outstanding product quality, availability), how you want to market those items (graphics, video, dedicated landing page on your website), and who your target audience is (especially helpful if you are going to invest in paid advertising).  Laying out your ideas, scheduled content, and information aspects of your marketing will better help you prepare for major upcoming events.  If you need help developing a content calendar, contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

6. Adjust Social & Email Strategies

Content is great, well-written and visually-inspiring emails, landing pages, and social media posts are all fantastic… but how effective are they?  What times are working well?  What days of the week work best?  Do certain posts or email releases work better on certain days over others?  How can you track that?  When you sign up with Targeting Pro Marketing, we will do a social media assessment of your current efforts, and where you can improve moving forward.  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for a consultation today.

7. Consider a Homepage Revitalization

Reinvest in your homepage!  This is literally your digital face to the world.  If it is old, outdated, clunky, hard to navigate, or just plain old unattractive, you can be losing potential income!  You do not necessarily have to get an entire website redesign, sometimes just a little “facelift” makeover will work just fine.  Putting fresh, relative content with up-to-date images can mean the different between a bounced customer that leaves your website or a client who takes the time to browse through what you have to offer.  You cannot sell a client on your professional knowledge, services, or products if they never make it past the first page!  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for information and pricing on a homepage facelift.

Let’s kick it into high gear this year!

Need help with your marketing promotions?  Feel free to contact Targeting Pro Marketing!

Mark and Christine Barber
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Friday, November 25, 2016

FREE Christmas Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Inspiration For The Winter Holidays

FREE Christmas Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Inspiration For The Winter Holidays

FREE Christmas Holiday Marketing Tips Tricks Ideas and Inspiration

This is it!  The biggest revenue-generating month of the year!  Are you ready?  Have you planned?  Even if you have, Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing is proud to help with these FREE easy-to-do marketing tips and tricks to help you end the year with a bang! 

The Christmas / Winter marketing season simply cannot be missed.  Although the market is highly competitive, you can push yourself ahead with some simple marketing techniques that can help you outshine the competition.  Use these great, free and easy tips throughout the season to the New Year and get back in the black.  These tips are easily adaptable for each year, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

The first portion of the sales funnel is awareness, and marketing brings the purpose of your business to the attention of the public.  It is all about discovery, and a strong marketing plan brings the awareness of your brand, your goods, and your stellar services to your client’s attention.  So whether you are a retail seller, wholesaler, seasonal service industry, internet retailer, or business-to-business professional, these holiday tips will you have spreading cheer this year with a powerful advertising campaign that will show thoughtfulness and appreciation to your client-base.

Free Christmas Marketing Slogans and Phrases For The Holidays


Catchy Christmas/Winter Sales and Advertising Slogans:
The Best Gifts This Holiday Season
Home For The Holidays
Put An Extra Jingle In Your Pocket This Christmas…
Spread Christmas Cheer This Year
Dear Santa, I’ve Been Good
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
You’d Better Watch Out – For These Incredible Holiday Savings
Dear Santa, I Can Explain
Don’t Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle
Put The Merry In Someone’s Christmas
Check Off Your Christmas List
Winner Winner Christmas Dinner
The Holiday Season Is Sure To Be Pleasin’
Evergreen Christmas (gifts that last)
Home For Christmas, Therapy By New Year’s
Too Late To Be Good?  Treat Yourself With These Deals!
By Golly, Be Jolly
Deck Your Halls
Don’t Be A Grinch Get These, Gifts In A Pinch
Wrapped With Care
You Don’t Have To Pout


Baby It’s Cold Outside
Sweet Holiday Deals (Include Dessert Images)
Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Celebrate The Winter Season
Chilling Discounts
Let It Snow… Savings!
Warm Up With These Hot Deals
Think Twice Before Being On Thin Ice
Food For Thought
Treat Someone This Holiday Season
Warmest Greetings This Winter Season
Food For Thought
Fill Your Stocking, Sign Up Today
Chill Out – We Have Your Covered
Cold Days, Warm Hearts
Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold
Welcoming Decem-burrrrr!
License To Chill
Up To Snow Good
There’s Snow Place Like Home
Let This Melt Your Heart This Winter…
Don’t Flake Out This Winter – There Is Still Time!
Cool Winter Savings
Carve Out Some Great Deals At (Your Company Name)
Beat The Sleet
Ice Ice Baby
Cabin Fever
Feelin’ Frosty
White Out Sale
Winter Wonderland
Holly Day Magic

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Web Design Updates For Winter


Updating your website with relevant, inviting images will be a warm welcome for the Christmas holiday season.  In the time of year where everything seems decorated, your website should be no exception!  When clients land on your website with timely holiday images, it echoes care and thoughtfulness to their user experience.  It also tends to get people more in the spirit of holiday shopping!  Simply place several Christmas and winter-themed graphics on your website.  This can be something as simple as sprinkling in a few graphics, to going all-out with an entire winter skin for your website.  This will convey that your website is not stagnant but living, breathing extension of your company. 

Combining prominent Christmas / Winter images with your brand will convey a strong holiday message to visitors, and will provide a considerate approach to your organization’s online presence.   It is not just about trying to make a quick sale, it is about developing a meaningful relationship with your clients, and potential clients, through your promotional advertising.  So many times we hear that consumers are simply not aware of a holiday promotion or event… marketing is merely getting your brand message out in a logical and attractive way.  This marketing can also drive sales, and show how your organization solves problems for your clients.  You don’t have to “spam” your advertising, but let your company sell itself with a cohesive web design that screams “we have our stuff together” on the internet. 

You can also incorporate customized holiday landing pages into your web design.  These can either be a created landing page for a potential client to land on offering a particular deal or incentive, a group of holiday specials, or coupled with a custom form created to capture client contact information.  You are not just building up your client base, but you are creating a life-long relationship with individuals who love your brand.  Include the use of specialized urls to track your social media, print, and email marketing campaign effectiveness. 

Want to really gain new contacts?  Offer something completely free, and place a landing page stop before they get there.  You can offer a free gift, a gift card to your store, a branded item with your company logo, valuable information, etc.  This is an excellent way to build up your client base around the Christmas holiday!

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Custom Graphic Design


Custom graphics are so simple, so effective!  Developing unique graphics that pair your particular brand, products, or services with the holiday season can leave a lasting impact on your clients.  Stand out above copy cat competition, who recycle other people’s images or haven’t updated their holiday look for the past decade.  In today’s day and age, when advertising is an open door, you really have to take advantage of the unique services you offer to rise above the chatter.  Let your voice be heard this holiday season with graphics that highlight incredible savings, seasonal specials, and pairing your brand with strong holiday images presented in a unique and thoughtful way.  Offer something new and compelling from the hum-drum everyday consumers have grown so accustomed to.   Plus, let’s be honest, stealing other company’s images and common marketing tactics just comes off as tacky to consumers – they’re not stupid.  In addition to turning off those you are looking to attract, you can open yourself up to legal repercussions if the copying is on copyrighted images.  Lawsuits are not fun. 

Developing unique graphics to communicate your holiday offers.  Advertising studies have shown that visual marketing attracts more clients than text (messages in text only) alone.  Using custom graphics in social media, on your website, and in print marketing, will go a long way.  When considering a social media campaign, know that images typically rank higher in user feeds than text ads alone.  So be sure to include an attractive, considerate, and relevant image to your brand this season.

FREE Christmas Marketing Tricks Email Newsletter Campaign


It is commonly understood that the best source of new sales is actually through past clients you have already won over, and can continue to win over with repeat business.  A great area to start in for your holiday marketing efforts can be found right in your past client list.  We understand that not every small business may have a database, but hopefully you have a list of past clients that include email addresses, even if it is a simple export of your email contacts. 

The reason Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing emphasizes past client marketing so much, is because this is the group you should offer your best deals, discounts, and promotions as a strong  “thank you for your business” message of appreciation for the holiday season.  A clever and convenient way to capitalize on your past client contact list is through their personal email.  With a comprehensive email list, sending exclusive deals or discount codes via an email marketing campaign will show your brand as thoughtful and considerate.  That being said, if you don’t want to feel overly “salesy” in December, you can easily send out a holiday message to your past clients simply to touch base and keep up your brand awareness, without the use of a call to action to make a purchase. 

Please note that if you are updating your blog frequently (and we know you are, right?), you can easily pair those article posts that are bursting with information by hitching their content to your newsletter.  This will not only draw clients back to your blog and/or website, but you can also offer valuable only-your-brand-provided info to them.  Clients will look at what your organization has to offer, which means it is an opportunity for clients to learn more about your brand, and to establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader with helpful information.  Never underestimate the power of a strong blog article with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to show off your knowledge and professionalism – it really does go a long way!

Need some ideas? Check out the Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing Design Gallery for some email blast inspiration.

FREE Christmas Marketing Tips Quality Print Design


Hit them in the mailbox!  There is no doubt we live in a highly digital world – so much of our lives are now in digital format including news, weather, information, articles, books, etc.  Even though we are in a highly digital world, there is a huge misconception for businesses that print marketing is dead.  NO!  Print most certainly lives!  Being highly digital, we are constantly bombarded with digital advertising, emails, websites, ads, social media, and more.  Stand out above the crowd and give your clients something tangible this winter season with a promotion they can get their hands on.  Whether you develop clipable coupons, holiday flyers, tri-fold informational brochures, contact tear-offs, postcard mailers, standard letters, signs or banners, customize your promotions with print media.  Another useful tip: Use custom url’s in your print campaign to gauge effectiveness! 

Need some inspiration for your holiday print media?  Check out the Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing Project Gallery for ideas and inspiration!  If you see something you like, click to the right of the image to contact us and we will customize a design specifically for you!

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Professional Photography Help


Let’s face it, in some industries, digital graphics may not always be able to cut the mustard at the Christmas table.  Sometimes your best products, professional services, or your brand, can only be conveyed properly by being captured in a photograph.  This Christmas, consider professional photos as a way to offer compelling images to your clients and potential clients.  A picture certainly is worth a thousand words!  Pairing your brand with holiday-themed photography can push you ahead of your competition this year, as so many small businesses neglect to capitalize on this powerful marketing avenue.  Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing has done professional photography for industries such as restaurants, catering, real estate, construction, gardening, landscape, wood working, tech and more!  If your goods or services are tailored for the seasons, then your marketing should be as well – and Christmas is no exception!  If you are not including relevant images to your marketing routine, your may be missing out on a huge opportunity for this major revenue-generating holiday.

Free Christmas Marketing Tips and Tricks Blog Content


We know as a small business, that keeping fresh, relevant content on your blog can be difficult.  This is especially true when you are trying to keep up with the holiday rush as it is, and planning for your own family behind the scenes.  Never underestimate the power of a great blog article!  Here at Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing, we cannot stress enough the extreme importance of unique and timely content to gain organic web traffic.  If you really want to gain traction for your business, the best way to blast forward is with a powerful and lively blog that doesn’t rest for the holiday season.  When your organization pairs unique informational articles with email and doubles up with social media, you can really push traffic to your website and create an exponential platform for your firm foundation of solid content. 

Not sure where to start?  If you already have a blog, don’t feel intimidated by jumping right back in to this powerful digital platform.  Write relevant informational articles pertaining to your industry, your brand, your products, and the services you provide above and beyond your competition.  Be sure to include topics like what types of problems your organization solves, what types of services you provide to clients, your focus on business-to-consumer or business-to-business, who your target audience is (age, sex, geographical location, etc), and take the time to answer some of the more common questions your clientele has.  Do you get common questions over and over again?  Why not answer them in a blog article?  Not only will there be a good chance your clients will first search the internet for specific questions, gaining you organic search engine traffic, but you will have an informational trail always leading back to you as an expert in your field.  Keep your target audience in mind, and what types of issues your company or products solve for them.  Tailor your articles to include that helpful information people first research online.  Coupling your unique blog content with compelling custom graphics will really give the one-two punch for readers AND is exactly what search engines are looking for!

FREE Christmas Marketing Deals Discounts and Specials


Christmas is the perfect holiday to offer your clients exceptional deals, discounts, specials and package promotions as your organization’s way of thanking them for their business!  Besides, EVERYONE loves a great deal, right? 

There is no doubt that the winter holiday season is highly competitive… and we understand that may get a wee bit intimidating for the small business owner when you’re trying to carve out a name for yourself.  That makes the Christmas season the perfect time to sit down and hammer out what kinds of deals you can give your best current clients, and what types of specials will attract new clients.  Here at Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing, we highly recommend to target your best clients with your BEST offers (remember what we said about them being the best source for new business?) with a combination of marketing techniques.  Looking to target new customers?  Create a special coupon code or landing page on your website to track how well your efforts are paying off – this will tell you what works and what doesn’t in your marketing campaigns.  

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Exceptional Deals


Now, we are so thankful you took the time to read through our Christmas marketing specials feature article, that we want to give you our best Christmas deal.  Sign up in the month of December and receive one custom graphic design free when you buy two.  That’s a $150 value! 

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Compelling Customer Discounts


Christmas is all about giving.  As a thank-you for reading our informative article (that will hopefully assist you in boosting sales this holiday), we would like to offer you a 10% discount off of your entire purchase in the month of December.  Simply call or email with your upcoming marketing order, and mention our Christmas marketing blog post for this incredible deal!  

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Amazing Holiday Specials


We just can’t thank you enough, refer a friend to Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing – if they sign up by Christmas, YOU will receive a FREE custom web graphic!  If you have a friend you think is interested in Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing’s services, please fill out our Contact Form with your information, and put your friend’s referral information in the comments so we can give you proper credit. 
Merry Christmas! 

Mark and Christine Barber
Targeting Pro Technologies & Marketing
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Virtual Assistant | Web/Graphic Designer | SEO | Drone Photographer | Social Media Expert
Phone: 352-553-8739
Merry Christmas From Targeting Pro Marketing
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