Friday, February 5, 2010

Technology - Are You Up To Speed?

We are in the heart of the Information Age, where innovation can take you to the top of your industry, where unique ideas are key and clever business plans can boost you above your competition. Business has become a challenging marketplace, and especially so for the hard economic times befalling the Real Estate market.

There is no “magic strategy” or “secrets to success” in this market - it is hard work, innovative ideas and putting the time into your business to reflect the revenue you want out of it. It really does not matter what other agents in your area are doing and what makes them successful - what matters is what makes you different in your field. What do you offer that other agents don’t? What services do you provide that other agents lack? What kind of guarantees do you offer for your services or products that bring comfort and security to your clients? Are you leveraging technology in your favor to get an edge on your competition?

Being successful in business is being able to take problems and turning them into opportunities. With technology rapidly changing, becoming more complex and niche out more focused markets, it is playing a vital part of business plans today. When you delay, you lose business. When you are the last on board with technologies that make your job more efficient either in the realms of money, time or procedure, you are lagging behind in the market. Working in the service industry we are in a world of increasing customer expectations and needs, if you are not able to satisfy these you are more than likely not going to be able to retain the clients and contacts that you manage to come across. Responding quickly to new products and services that better your customer experience can rocket you ahead in this hypercompetitive market.

Is your website up to speed? Do you currently partake in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Do you have dynamic contact forms? Do you partake in Social Media outlets? Do you have unique and completely custom content on your website that sets you apart from the standard template real estate agent of your competitive market? If not… you may be missing out on your slice of the market share.

“The amount of information available on the Internet more than doubles every year, and most of it is free.” - Business and Information Technology

What are you offering on the world wide web? Are you simply hoping that sticking property statistics on your website will bring a buyer? Are you offering information about your area? County? City? Subdivisions? Retirement Communities? Public Parks? National Parks? Recreation Areas? If you haven’t gotten into updating your website you’re behind your competition. Don’t have time for updating your website, your blog, or your Twitter account? Find someone who can. What are you doing to keep yourself ahead of the pack? What is even scarier to think about - what do you think your competition is doing?

One of the keys of success in any business is to leverage ingenuity and to enact on a future that is continually being built upon information technologies. Our world is constantly changing and if you do not have the ability or you flat out refuse to change with it - you will find yourself trying to live in a world that no longer exists. The “old school” way of performing real estate services is exactly where it should be - in the past. Are you stepping up to the plate of revolutionary change to perform better service than any other agent out there? To remain ignorant of today’s technologies is to put yourself behind the proverbial eight ball - don't be left behind. If you need help to get ahead, don't be afraid to ask for it!


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Business and Information Technology
Author: Efraim Turban, R. Kelly Rainer, Richard E. Potter
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