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The Magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

As an Internet Marketing Consultanting company, one of the biggest categories of questions we get come across our inbox is questions regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Now we can certainly understand why -- as an SEO expert it can be extremely difficult to explain to a potential client (often a stranger whom we have not had the ability to build rapport of trust with through previous projects) that there is this magical set of text, often hidden, on a website that tells those invisible search engine crawlers where to go, what to associate your provided information with (including those hidden components) and how to associate that linked information with your content.  Yes, there is information that can be placed on your website you can’t normally see on the surface that increases your visibility in search engines.  It sounds a little bit like online voodoo…  And we can certainly appreciate the skepticism.  What?  How?  Okay if I hire you, how do I know that work is even done if its invisible?  What exactly would I be paying you for again?  How much does this invisible work cost?  Yes -- We said we can appreciate it!

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We are hoping to clear up a lot of the mystery that surrounds Search Engine Optimization right here, right now. 

First of all, Targeting Pro Marketing specializes specifically in SEO.  There are a lot of companies that both offer and claim to have “certification” -- when the truth is, as of the time this article is published, there is NO SUCH THING AS CERTIFICATION IN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION!  We know - you're going to want to go and use your favorite search engine to go check that out, which is expected.  Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

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See what we mean?  There are not only many companies that offer this “certification” (everything from a one hour online class to webinars to mailing you a nifty piece of parchment paper in the mail that didn’t even have to be tri-folded).  How can a company possibly “give certification?”  There are several degrees behind Targeting Pro Marketing’s list of achievements and knowledge … we know what it takes to be certified in many areas of Information Technology (IT).  What kind of backing would be behind those companies’ certifications?  Are they accredited?  Does it come from a Search Engine company itself?  (ie: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).  We went as far as to research this concept with several accredited colleges here in the United States.  The answer was always the same: “Now, why would a search engine company, who spends endless hours and funding to coming up with specialized search algorithms would possibly want to go and give away all of that scientific data and research to the public to exploit their search results?”  Thank-you!  That’s what we thought all along, too!  But the internet is flooded with these shady "black hat" SEO certification companies.  Not only that, but consider how many of those companies that claim to “give certification” and every company duped by their claims in becoming “SEO certified” with those mail-in pieces of parchment… Wow, that certainly is a lot. 

Take-away:  If you see a company claiming to be “SEO certified” you might consider packing up your bags and walking away.  There honestly is no such thing.  Even if that company honestly believes they have some sort of certification, they apparently are able to be deceived by one of the latest scams in the internet marketing book.

Now that all that is cleared up, let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of SEO.  The who, what, where, when, why and how. 

Who Needs SEO?

Those seeking SEO services are typically business owners or web developers who have sought specialized knowledge for their company's search engine placement.  At Targeting Pro Marketing, we take our consulting very seriously and in doing so have gained life-long clients through honest assessment and feedback of client needs.  SEO services are for those looking to take their website to the next level.  This is usually for new websites, revamped websites (keeping similar content and structure, but getting a bit of a facelift), or established websites looking to gain more traffic for a larger slice of the market share. 

What is SEO?

SEO is much more than invisible text on your website.  It is a series of logical and categorized information that tell the search engine crawlers what your website is trying to convey to the world.  SEO feeds information back to search engines like your company description, title pages, page descriptions, region (including coverage areas for regions such as countries, states, provinces, areas, cities and zip codes), and keywords associated with all of that aforementioned data.  It also includes links on the website that are placed intelligently with coherent corresponding information paired with alt tags (link information text) to further strengthen the informational bond search engine crawlers will use to associate the data you provide to the link you provide.

Where is SEO?

SEO should be on every page of your website … and beyond.  We know some of you may be scratching your heads at this time.  But SEO can reach much further than just your website -- think of the huge outside the box idea of social media.  BOOM.  You have grown your potential Search Engine Optimization reach on the World Wide Web exponentially when coupling it with social media marketing.  SEO can often be tucked away in areas of the website you cannot always see without going into the source code of your website.  You can see snippets of it when your website is built and you see those descriptions and page titles popping up all over the web!  You can also catch glimpses of alt tags if you hover over links in certain web browsers - you will notice when you hover over a link (don’t click on it), a little box with text will appear -- this is the alt text associated with your web link. Building up these different associations is how to build your SEO prescence on the web.

When do SEO results occur?

This is probably the hardest part of Search Engine Optimization to convey to eager customers who would love to instant results on their investment and efforts.  The hard truth about SEO is that you will not typically start seeing results until two to three months minimum.  If a company claims to give you results in days or weeks, prepare to be leery.  The results of SEO are both an art and a science.  There is logic and structure behind it, but how you decided to tie it all together and execute it can be as individual as the company who takes on the job.  You can map SEO results many different ways and depending on how you want to tie in all of that information can be a formula that is very unique and individual to that particular website.  Did a light bulb go off?  Viola!  That is exactly what search engines want!  Beautiful unique content that is tied to other beautifully unique content with information their search engine bots can understand and interpret.  BOOM. 

Why do you need SEO?

Having a good-looking website is great.  But what if we told you that ugly websites with great SEO probably get way more traffic than your $4,000 gorgeously custom-designed site?  Having an attractive website is great for a positive user experience, there is no doubt in that.  If you want people who do find your website to enjoy their interaction with it while they are there (whether it is for education, product showcasing, service offers, sales and specials, etc.)…  but don’t you want people to get there to begin with? 

How does SEO work?

We are sure many people aware of the sales funnel.  More potential in, the more conversions, the more clients, the more sales, and the more money your company makes.  Want to increase revenue?  Get a bigger funnel.  How do you do that?  Get more visitors to your website to start that conversion.  How do you get more visitors to your website?  Make the search engines happy.  How do you make the search engines happy?  GET GREAT SEO!  The sooner… the better.  Remember that turn-around time for results?  That clock starts ticking after you say go and your SEO Company adds the valuable information to your website.

Excited yet?  We sure are!  Targeting Pro Marketing has an absolute obsession with Search Engine Optimization … many dedicated hours to analyzing and understanding how it works plus the ability to map that information in a comprehensive way that applies to the subject website is what is key to success!  Targeting Pro Marketing takes great pride in helping people -- and taking your business to the next level with SEO is what we do best!

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