Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Search Engines Are Hungry

What are you feeding them?

Internet users are growing by the day, websites are growing by the day – that means that more and more of the world’s population has internet access. What does this mean for websites? Competition.

A website should not just simply “exist” – a website should be a living and breathing thing that is always changing and always growing with a business. It does not matter if the website’s purpose is to sell fine china, provide real estate services or simply to offer the public information – they all have the same goal: to be seen.

Having a static web page that never changes and never updates information will have a hard time competing in today’s online market. Everyone is fighting and fighting hard for a slice of the pie to make a living. The economy is currently in a state to push a website to the top, or push it out of the way – depending on where it wants to go.

If you build it, they will come, and no phrase could be truer for the web. Offer something no one else does, provide a unique service or fantastic product and market it correctly. Slapping up boring text on a website will have a hard job of drawing in people, it must be interesting, captivating and believable.

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