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FREE Halloween Marketing Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration

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It’s that time of year!  Halloween is the first major holiday where most businesses start thinking about ramping up their marketing.  During this last quarter can mean sink or swim for most companies as this is the busiest time of year and generates the most revenue – in some cases it can be quite the substantial portion of yearly income.  That being said, there certainly is a lot of pressure to do well before the year’s end.  One of the first steps of filling up that sales funnel is to start with marketing.

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Marketing Sales Funnel

For Halloween and the month of October you can get pretty creative as this is the most relaxed holiday month of the quarter.  It can be pretty playful and interesting.  If Halloween isn't really your thing, you can still do a witty fall or autumn seasonal message.

Halloween Marketing Help - Targeting Pro


Fun Halloween/October Sales and Advertising Slogans:

Fall Back Into Savings
Spooktacular Deals
Resurrect Your Client List
Deals So Good They Are Downright Scary
These Offers Have Real Spirit
Halloween Isn’t Just For Candy Anymore
Here’s A Real Treat
We’re Slashing Prices
Monster Madness Sale
Hurry Before These Deals Fly By
Don’t Be Haunted By Regret – Get Your Savings Early
Make Room On Your Broom – We’re Having A Sale
Every Mummy Loves A Good Sale
Raise Your Spirits With These Exceptional Deals
Savings Worth Screaming About
A Sale So Good, It’s Downright Spooky
Sales This Good Are Brutal
Bloody Good Sales Event
Fangtastic Deals
Photo BOO-th Contest

Fall/Autumn Sales and Advertising Slogans:

Fall Back Into Savings
Don’t Fall Behind This Year
A Harvest Of Discounts
Bushels Of Savings
October Fest
Fall Fest
Leaf It To Us – Check Out Our Fall Discounts
Fall Savings That Aren’t Too Corny
Rake In The Fall Savings
Leaves Aren’t The Only Thing Falling Around Here
The Fall Spectacular Is Here
Falling Leaves And Falling Prices
Carve Out Some Great Deals At __________

Halloween Web Design Help - Targeting Pro Marketing


Nothing could be more inviting to clients than a few relevant holiday images on a website.  This shows two things: 1. The thoughtfulness of their experience, and 2. Shows your website is not stagnant, but fresh, vibrant, and current.  You can do something like a simple website header,  update your logo with a festive twist, or sprinkle holiday images, banners, or promotional messages throughout your website.  Pairing your particular holiday styles with your brand gives a solid brand awareness that keeps the familiarity of who you are yet keeps you up to speed with current market trends.  You can also create special holiday landing pages that are not navigable by your website menu and can ONLY be accessed with a direct link – this keeps your current holiday traffic separate from your marketing efforts and is a great way to gauge success rates with target marketing.  You can even put forms on your landing pages for specials, discount codes, upcoming events, or contest sign-ups.  Want to offer a freebie?  Create a landing page where potential clients have to enter in their contact information before being forwarded to the appropriate freebie page, it is a great way to expand your client base!

Halloween Graphic Design - Targeting Pro Marketing

Simple, yet so effective!  Custom graphics designed to promote your business can be used either internally on your own website or externally on partner websites.  Internet graphics and banners can highlight specials, events, membership deals, and holiday discount codes.  External banners on partner websites can help you stand out above your competition and grab potential client attention before they are lost in holiday sales no man’s land…

Halloween Social Media Marketing - Targeting Pro


Nothing screams fun interaction as much as social media!  Give your platforms a refresh on the holidays with a quick update.  Don’t have the time or budget for all of your social media outlets?  Just update the ones you have the best response rates on.  Facebook beats out all other social media by far, but if you are checking out your marketing analytics, you will know which one is a better fit for a holiday punch.  Facebook is also a more casual social outlet, so fun holiday graphics are welcomed by users where they don’t take things too seriously and you get the “sharing is caring” effect.  When users see a product or service they love, they are not afraid to share it to their list is a “got to have” this holiday.  Also, don’t forget to add any fun holiday pictures from “around the office” – people really enjoy seeing the “real life faces” behind companies, and it really adds that human touch we can all connect with.

Halloween Email Marketing Campaign - Targeting Pro


The absolute best source for sales are through the clients you have already won over, and can continue to win over with repeat business.  Past clients are an excellent place to start for your best deals, discounts, and promotions as a simple “thank you for your business” and you can send them exclusive deals or discount codes via an email marketing campaign.  You can also send out a holiday message to your clients to just touch base and keep up your brand awareness.  If you are updating your blog frequently (and we know you are, right?), you can pair those blog posts with your newsletter to draw clients back to look at what your company has to offer, or to establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader with informative articles.

Halloween Holiday Print Design - Targeting Pro Marketing


Never underestimate the power of print!  Even in the digital world, print marketing is NOT dead!  Most companies today use some form of print marketing, and you can easily customize your promotions to include specific holidays, including flyers, tri-fold brochures, postcards, letters, signs or banners.  If you are looking for a little marketing inspiration, please feel free to check out Targeting Pro’s Marketing Design Gallery to see our past projects, it is a great starting spot to get those creative juices flowing!

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For some companies, graphics may not cut the mustard, and product photos are what gets you in the green for the holidays.  We have done photography for real estate, food products, baked goods, gardening/landscape, construction, and more!  If your goods or services are tailored for the seasons, then your marketing should be, too!  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you are not including relevant/valid images to your marketing routine, your may be missing out!

Halloween Holiday Blog Article Content - Targeting Pro Marketing


We know how difficult it can be to keep up fresh, relevant content on your blog, but we can not stress enough how important it is to gain exceptional organic traffic.  Pairing your blog to push traffic to your website and appropriate corresponding pages is an excellent way to get organic traffic two-fold.  Write relevant articles pertaining to your business, including what types of problems your company solves, what types of services you offer, who is your target audience, answer some of the more common questions your clients have, highlight products, etc.  Writing blog content and placing complimenting images to your articles will also help boost you in the search engines where new clients can find you.  You can also repurpose these articles if you are planning on releasing holiday newsletters to send your updated information to your client base.

Halloween Deals Discounts and Specials - Targeting Pro Marketing


Let’s face it… EVERYONE loves a good deal!  (Hey, we’re no exception.)  When companies are fighting for client attention during the busy holiday season, things can get pretty intimidating (especially for small business owners).  Time to sit down and hammer out what kinds of deals you can afford to give to your best clients or to attract new clients.  Remember what we said about past clients being your best source for repeat business?  Why not give them an exceptional deal?  You can easily create a past-client-only special that goes directly to them in hopes you can win them over again during the holidays.  Targeting new clients?  Create a special coupon code or landing page for your print/digital marketing to help you track how well your efforts are paying off and how much new business is being brought in.

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Happy Hauntings!

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