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Facebook Contests - What To Avoid For Your Fan Page Promotions

How To Get Your Facebook Fan Page Shut Down – Run A Contest The Wrong Way

Facebook Contest Promotion Help - Targeting Pro Marketing

 Facebook Contests:

We have all seen them, win a diamond ring, post here and enter to win an all expense vacation, like and share this picture to get a free pair of sunglasses… First of all, how many people do you know have ever actually won a Facebook contest like that?  Did you know it is not possible for some companies to even be able to track user activity to win a contest like that?  Facebook does not have the metrics to even allow most interactive features, let alone being able to tell when they happened if they even fell within the contest timeline.  This is not all fun and games, and make no bones about it, Facebook WILL shut down your page.  It is your responsibility to read through the Facebook User License Agreement and know what is allowed for your Fan Page and what is not.  It will not matter how long your Fan Page has existed, how many Fans you have, or how big your corporate name, Facebook WILL shut you down for this offense when you are caught.  (Do not put it past your competition to turn you in, either!)

Facebook App Insights:

Facebook has several systems in place that users can alert them of these spam contests.  So if you are paying to sponsor an ad like this, you are essentially paying to get your Fan Page shut down.  Want to know how well any campaign is doing?  You can check it out in your Facebook Fan Page “App Insights” in the Facebook Developer App. 

Facebook Contest Laws:

Be sure you are also not breaking any local, state, or federal laws with your contest as well.  Prizes that exceed a certain dollar value may have to be bonded.  You may also fall into sweepstakes or lottery laws depending on what type of contest you are running.

Notifying Your Facebook Contest Winner:

How are you notifying the winner of your contest?  You are not allowed to notify the winner with only a status update on your Fan Page.  The safest way to do this is to use a third party application that handles your contest entries for you.  This way you can collect data from your fans, and you can then contact your winner by phone or email from their entry information. 

Be sure to double check Facebook’s Fan Page Guidelines and stay up to date on any changes they make to their User License Agreement or Terms of Service on how to handle your promotions.

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