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eMail Marketing Campaigns - Valuable Tool In Your Sales Arsenal

eMail Marketing Campaign - Design, Implement, Initiate

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An eMail Marketing Campaign can prove vital to growing any business.  We often receive a lot of questions on where to start.  Let's face it, setting up an eMail Marketing Campaign can be a little intimidating - especially if you have never had any experience with starting one.

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The first thing you want to establish is what your eMail Marketing Campaign will be for.  What is the purpose behind it?  To sell more products?  To sell more of your services?  To educate your customers about your products or services?  To showcase how your products or services are superior to your competition?  To drive more traffic to your website?  To nurture your leads to eventually make a purchase?  To nurture your current/past customers to turn them into new customers again?  ALL of these are great reasons to want to start an eMail Marketing Campaign, and having several types of emails you would like to focus on will be crucial to what direction you will take when you want to plan.

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Planning is essential to know what it is you want to accomplish.  How much time can you allocate to building comprehensive and professional looking emails?  Granted we would all like to get our message across - but if you do not present your company with a professional face to the world, will they really give your email a second glance?  Think about how you feel about email in your own inbox and what you find valuable enough to open, let alone actually read.  This is the most essential part of your endeavor into email marketing!

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Next in the process is to determine your schedule and time allocation for each email produced.  If you or someone on your marketing team is proficient on design.  Typically each email marketing campaign program comes with it's own "what you see is what you get" editor - which can be utilized with basic computer knowledge.  If you or someone on the project team is proficient in HTML and graphic design you can really design a piece that will knock the socks off your readers!  If you do not have a graphic and web designer at your disposal, you may want to consider hiring a third party marketing consultant that can help you design an email template that you can reuse over and over again for future marketing (the biggest bang for your buck).  After determining how much time it will take you to create and design an email marketing piece and still take care of all of the other business tasks at hand, you can develop a release schedule for your publications.  Do you want to do a stringent bi-weekly regiment or something a little more flexible like a monthly publication or a monthly publication plus major holidays?  Lots of things to consider!

Custom Designed Holiday eMail Marketing Campaign

Staying out of the spam filter is inherently important - otherwise everything you have done before this point is for naught.  If your email is too "salesy" or "spammy" your readers will never even have the opportunity to see it in the inbox.  You must develop a good marketing plan for each and every email piece you publish.  This includes subject, from email, intro text, body content, graphics, links, alt tags and clear unsubscribe area.

Tracking and ROI are also important follow-up and feedback for your mailing pieces.  How many opens did it generate?  How many unique opens?  How many click-throughs?  How many unique click-throughs?  How many unsubscribes?  Does your website have the ability to track your web traffic?  Or better yet track the customer who receive your email, opened and clicked on it to see if they purchased a product or service from you?  What about those who didn't as a lost sale? 

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Follow-up planning is also a key element.  Are you pulling up the report of click-throughs and landing pages?  Are you following up with customers who clicked on items in your email they were interested in by email or phone?  This is an easy way to turn a lost sale in a return on investment!

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It is also good to be sure to reinforce your marketing efforts cross-platform.  Be sure to share your promotional email on Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, LinkedIn, YouTube and more - it will grow your efforts exponentially!  
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Sound overwhelming?  Need a little help?  Not to fear!  Targeting Pro Marketing is your one-stop marketing shop and can help guide you through your entire eMail Marketing Campaign to get you setup, on plan, on schedule, on target and earning money!

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