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Marketing Tips for 2016 - Kickstart Your Advertising Plans! - By Targeting Pro Marketing

Marketing Tips for 2016
Ramp Up Your Marketing!

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Free Marketing Tips for 2016 from Targeting Pro Marketing

New Year’s resolutions are here!  It is time when organizations re-evaluate their performance, policies, and procedures.  Time to ramp up the business marketing efforts, because we all know more marketing equals more interest which equals more contacts which equal more sales which equals more profit.  Here are some tips to help put your company in the green for 2016:
  • Build A Website

    If you have not done so already, design and put in place a functional website that performs correctly for your business.  Be sure to have a website that conveys exactly what your organization does – be clear about your company objectives, the services you perform, the products you product, and how you can help your clients.  The base cost for a website is design, hosting, and domain parking.  Depending on the size website you would like, this is relatively cheap for the amount of buyers you can attract! If anything can be emphasized, do not wait on having a web design platform!

    Affordable Responsive Web Design Services
    Custom Responsive Web Design by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Optimize That Website

    The key is to be bigger and better than the competition, that does not mean that an organization should simply “exist” online.  That means a company should THRIVE online.  Boosting your organic traffic, creating functional landing pages to capture client interest, and putting out information that shows your organization as an industry-leading expert are keys to success in the upcoming year.  Optimizing your website is nearly as important as creating the website pages to begin with, this is how search engines READ your information.  If you offer unique, interesting, compelling, and informative write-ups for your readers, you will earn brand awareness, organic traffic, and high-quality sales leads. A beautiful website attracts humans, search engine optimization appeals to how search engines read your website information -- and they are hungry, be sure to feed them!

    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization - Get Found!

  • Kickstart Your Blog

    The next best thing to creating content on your website is the amazing information machine of offering an informative blog to your clients.  It does not matter if you are eCommerce, in the service industry, or a combination of both.  A blog can inform your clients’ of your expertise (showing you are an expert in your field), let them know of changing events in your industry (news-worthy), and can highlight any special offers you want to convey to client’s (especially those that are time-sensitive). What's that, you don't have the time to dedicate to writing blog content two to three times per week? You can always hire a blog shadow-writer to write unique custom content to keep your readers coming back fro more!

    Custom Blog Content Creation
    Write Custom Blog Content Creation by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Market Exponentially With Social Media

    Don’t stop at an awesome website and compelling blog – launch that information powerhouse into the internet mainstream with social media marketing.  Putting your permanent links and information out there via social media is like creating your own “web of influence” to the internet world.  You are not only building this information to your immediate fan base, but you are setting up a perma-link network of links that lead search engines back to your blog and back to your website.  These links will generate traffic for years to come!

    Social Media Marketing Help - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn
    Custom Facebook Marketing Images For Real Estate by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Compelling Custom Graphic Design

    Do not settle for anything less.  Custom graphics on your website offer a polished brand-look that shows you as the cut, clean industry professional that you are.  Extend those incredible graphics to your blog, and to your social media outlets.  Branded images bring up brand awareness, and allows you to capitalize on your marketing efforts with properly marketed and copyrighted images that no other company can rightfully “steal” from you.  Putting amazingly lively graphics on your blog, social media outlets, and website will bring attention to your brand and client perception will increase dramatically. 

    Affordable Graphic Design Services
    Custom Graphic Design by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Email Marketing

    Keep in contact with your clients over the long haul.  Implement a sales marketing campaign but also an informative news-oriented campaign.  The sales marketing will assist in selling the goods and services you provide to contacts, and an informative newsletter will teach your clients about those goods and services and how/why you are an industry leader. If you are unsure as how to proceed with setting up a properly running email marketing compaign, you can always hire a marketing professional to perform those services for you.

    Email Marketing Campaign Help
    Sales and Newsletter Email Marketing Campaign by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Print Marketing

    Although the internet clearly has the largest share of marketing potential, print media certainly is not dead.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, clients still enjoy a tasteful and timely mailer piece.  Stay in touch with quality-designed postcards, trackable coupon codes, product updates, expansion packages, informational flyers, and more! 
    Personalized Print Media Marketing Services
    Personalized High Quality Print Marketing by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Photography & Drone Photography

    We live in a very visual world, and consumers are looking for compelling, interesting content.  If you do not grab their attention, the fleeting world of consumers they are off to a competitor that may offer something different.  An interesting photo can often grab attention before a catchy headline or a great offer.  Be sure get noticed with images that are truly worth a thousand words.  We offer both HD photography and aerial drone photography services to give your brand that POP over your competition! (We are proudly FAA certified to fly our drone commercially.)

    Drone Aerial Photography Services by Targeting Pro Marketing
    High Def Drone Photography by Targeting Pro Marketing

  • Virtual Assistant Services

    Come up for air!  Sometimes you just need a little help, perhaps not full time, perhaps not even part time, but you have your busy seasons or big clients that may make it difficult to juggle everything.  Targeting Pro Marketing specializes in the flexible assistance programs you need to get you over the hump of work until you can smooth back on track.  Being on-call as-needed, you do not have to invest in a full or part time assistant that you may not need a month down the road.  The next time things get a little crazy, just give us a call, it is as simple as that.  Targeting Pro Marketing is your ticket to virtual freedom!

    Virtual Assistant Services - Targeting Pro Marketing
    On Call Virtual Assistant Services Provided by Targeting Pro Marketing

We know that is a lot to put on anyone’s plate, but all of these marketing techniques working together will give you exponential growth in 2016.  Even if you concentrate on the tips that just make sense for your business, your market, or your area, let’s get started!  If you need a consultation to help you sort things out, we would be more than happy to speak with you, or contact us and let us know what your marketing goals for 2016 are and we can complete a marketing strategy plan that fits you and your budget.

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