Monday, March 24, 2014

Website Help - I Need More Visitors

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Increase Website Visitors

So you know you need help, but you're not exactly sure what your website needs. 

This is often what we hear from our clients and potential clients - we need more website visitors.

The truth is that you have to get down to the root of your website problems.

Some questions we can ask is:

Is your issue that your website is not modern and attractive to today's consumer?
If your website is not updated continually it may not appeal to today's customers.  Do you have text that pertains to your product or service?  What about images?  Are they updated and relevant to your customer base? Find out more how to keep your website modern, current and content-ready.

Do your images convey an equivalent message to your website text?
What top three images do your website give your potential customers?  Is that the image you want your website to be recognized as?  Do those images match your text/content/article appropriately? How can images help my website? Find out more how images can help your website search engine rankings. 

What do my meta tags tell search engines?
Is your content properly indexed for search engines?  Does your text convey the keywords you want to portray to the public?  Are you being perceived as an expert in your field? How do I rank with Google, Yahoo, AOL and other popular search engines? Why am I not ranking higher?

Here at Targeting Pro Marketing we KNOW websites, we KNOW internet marketing and we KNOW what your website needs to be found, loved and adored by your customer-base.

Does your website need a FREE assessment?  Contact us today and we will give you a FREE website analysis!

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Mark & Christine Barber
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Help and FREE Evaluation

Internet Marketing Help: Targeting Pro Marketing

It seems today we can't possibly think of selling a product or service without a website.  It is our digital face to the world, and the most constructive way to get our message out to as many potential customers as possible.  When you designed your website or contracted it out, were you asked what types of page titles you wanted?  Did you have a discussion on url names?  What about keywords - for each individual page?  Were you asked about your meta tags and meta descriptions?  What about alt tags? Have you ever consulted with anyone regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Chances are most web designers specialize in just that - designing your website to look attractive.  This is all fine and good.  You might have even hired a graphic designer to create impressive-looking graphics to include in your website.  Again, very visually appealing.  But you may be wondering why you are not getting the traffic or web leads you are looking for...

And that's where we come in!  We are able to tweak your standard template into something completely custom that encompasses your business in it's entirety.  Break out of your cookie cutter website and become innovative in your field!  We don't just slam out websites, we make them an integral part of your marketing strategy.  Sure the text you have may be thought-out, but have you thought about it like a search engine?

Sounds funny, right?  Thought about it like a search engine - well how do they think?  The answer in it's most simplest form is: Logically.  When you have a standard website you will typically have a menu - either a top bar, side bar, or both.  The truth is, that doesn't have to be your only form of navigation.  Be sure customers can click on images and text links that can get them to where they are going via your content.  Search engines do not only follow the path of your menu and navigation, but they also crawl your site looking for "support links" which go to certain pages defined by links and alt tags.  This helps to not just build a tree navigation like your menu, but a web of navigation supported by anchor text, images and alt tags for images and links.

Sound confusing?  It can be!  But don't worry, here at Targeting Pro Marketing we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can help assist you along the way.  You can start getting a grasp on these proper link techniques by checking out the Targeting Pro Marketing - Internet Marketing Consultant homepage to see how we structure our links. 

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Meta tags are also the "hidden information" your website provides to search engines to help them know more about your message and what it is you are offering.  Are you a contractor?  Do your page titles and meta descriptions explain that for search engines?  Remember, they think logically, so the more structured keywords and supporting links you have going to certain pages, the more hits the search engines are going to say support your claim.  So if you are selling Chrysler vehicles, don't have a confusing message by mentioning other makes/models, don't use tags for competing brands, and try to get as many inbound links to your page regarding the product as possible.  We are constantly learning the latest trends, news, and techniques in internet marketing - we're experts so you don't have to be! An expert knows they became an expert by excelling in their field, we know you have to dedicate a lot of time to what you do in order to be successful, you can leave your online marketing to Targeting Pro!

Now this may seem like a lot of work - and we're not the type of company to lie to you - it truly is a lot of work.  As much time as you have you can keep putting into your website, including landing pages, blog updates, custom image additions, custom graphics and more and we like to think of it that a homepage is like a home - it is never truly finished.  There is always work to be done and always areas you can improve, enhance or add a completely new element to.  We're here to help!  We know web design, graphic design, social media and SEO - and we're happy to have all of our knowledge in your corner when you step up and take the plunge in enhancing your website, social media presence and networking.

Check out our Targeting Pro Marketin Reviews - We're real people working for real people! Our mission in life is to help others, and we simply love what we do. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free evaluation and estimate, we can't wait to hear from you!

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Mark & Christine Barber
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Success! - New Degree In The Arsenal!

Hello Friends and Fans!

I know that you have been waiting patiently for an update.  We must apologize in advance (without really feeling sorry, and I'll tell you why) - in my absence I am very proud to announce that I am now the proud beholder of a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on Multimedia Communications from University of Phoenix.  (See, I told you I wasn't really that sorry!)  And not to toot my own horn or anything, but finished with a 3.82 GPA as a strive for excellence - and I am completely happy with that number.  With only holding 3 B-Level grades for my final grades, I have to say I was happy to work hard through grueling courses, working full time (+ overtime) and launching my career in IT forward, I am happy to say I am back here at Targeting Pro Marketing and Consulting and of course, at your marketing and consulting service!

Contact An Internet Marketing Specialist
I have had a set of IT skills carried over from experience, and have the opportunity to refine them.  I have also had the opportunity to enter new skill sets, technical knowledge, business process and fundamentals in successful implementation of new IT projects - specifically from a consulting basis

Some of the classes I have taken, and internet marketing and business skills I have acquired are:
Skills For Professional Development
Management Information Systems
Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic
Web Design
Technical Writing Fundamentals
Business Systems
Fundamentals of Business Development
Project Planning and Implementation
Database Concepts
SQL For Business
Network and Telecommunications Concepts
Java Programming
Image Editing and Implementation
Electronic Publishing
Instructional Design
Multimedia Development
Applications Implementation
Advanced Mathematics
Advanced Creative Writing
Critical Thinking
Human Motivation
Success Strategies

The purpose of this list is not to pat myself on the back, but to show my customers and potential customers of Targeting Pro Marketing the professional knowledge they have in their arena when they select us for their digital marketing consultant.

I am indeed proud of my degree for personal reasons, but they are far overshadowed by my professional reasons - to help others.  As a small business owner, I am passionate about the success of small business and is my (successful) niche market.

Targeting Pro Digital Marketing Consultant
As an FYI I am currently employed full time as a Business Development and Marketing Manager for an incredible local software and retail company in the DeLand area.  With just six total employees I have not forgotten my roots in small business - and am happy to share that knowledge with YOU!

For a FREE website analysis, or a FREE one-hour consultation, please feel free to contact me!

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Christine Barber
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