Thursday, March 6, 2014

Success! - New Degree In The Arsenal!

Hello Friends and Fans!

I know that you have been waiting patiently for an update.  We must apologize in advance (without really feeling sorry, and I'll tell you why) - in my absence I am very proud to announce that I am now the proud beholder of a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on Multimedia Communications from University of Phoenix.  (See, I told you I wasn't really that sorry!)  And not to toot my own horn or anything, but finished with a 3.82 GPA as a strive for excellence - and I am completely happy with that number.  With only holding 3 B-Level grades for my final grades, I have to say I was happy to work hard through grueling courses, working full time (+ overtime) and launching my career in IT forward, I am happy to say I am back here at Targeting Pro Marketing and Consulting and of course, at your marketing and consulting service!

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I have had a set of IT skills carried over from experience, and have the opportunity to refine them.  I have also had the opportunity to enter new skill sets, technical knowledge, business process and fundamentals in successful implementation of new IT projects - specifically from a consulting basis

Some of the classes I have taken, and internet marketing and business skills I have acquired are:
Skills For Professional Development
Management Information Systems
Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic
Web Design
Technical Writing Fundamentals
Business Systems
Fundamentals of Business Development
Project Planning and Implementation
Database Concepts
SQL For Business
Network and Telecommunications Concepts
Java Programming
Image Editing and Implementation
Electronic Publishing
Instructional Design
Multimedia Development
Applications Implementation
Advanced Mathematics
Advanced Creative Writing
Critical Thinking
Human Motivation
Success Strategies

The purpose of this list is not to pat myself on the back, but to show my customers and potential customers of Targeting Pro Marketing the professional knowledge they have in their arena when they select us for their digital marketing consultant.

I am indeed proud of my degree for personal reasons, but they are far overshadowed by my professional reasons - to help others.  As a small business owner, I am passionate about the success of small business and is my (successful) niche market.

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As an FYI I am currently employed full time as a Business Development and Marketing Manager for an incredible local software and retail company in the DeLand area.  With just six total employees I have not forgotten my roots in small business - and am happy to share that knowledge with YOU!

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