Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twitter – Tweets, Tweeters, Twitterings, Twerps, Twalking and Twits, what does it all mean exactly?

-->What does Twitter do? Well its social networking in its simplest form!

I have a lot of questions from people asking me what the importance of Twitter is in a business sense. They have gone as far as to check out Twitter itself, other Twitter user’s pages and perhaps even create a profile – but have not taken the step of actually utilizing its power.

Targeting Pro Marketing on Twitter
Targeting Pro Marketing on Twitter
“I don’t have time to read about people who are tweeting about insignificant things to me.” - That is the number one response I have when I tell people that if they have a business they need to be on Twitter. Here is the thing – what about the people who do? You don’t need to just have your children on there who tweet about every time they use the restroom – you can have business contacts, fellow partners, clients and vendors that offer vital information via the Twitter platform.

It is not all about updating every minute of our mundane lives – even though that is what some users have turned it into (okay and some spam hounds). I personally enjoy Twitter very much, it allows one to send and receive information about your personal life, business, industry, current projects, sales specials and news in very short, palatable quips of conversation. You no longer have to read through a ten page report to receive an update – it is done in 140 characters or less (including links and the updated feature of being able to add images to your Twitter posts).

So contrary to popular belief to those who feel they don’t have “time” for Twitter – Twitter is actually perfect for you! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time sifting through pages of news and updates on your industry, create your Twitter list to include those who are sharing information that is relevant to your interests or organizational goals.

Ready to take the Twitter plunge? There really isn’t anything to be afraid of! The first thing you have to do is setup your Twitter profile (or get help setting up your Twitter profile) – your tweeting face to the world. The site is very user friendly and you can accomplish this task rather quickly (or again, request help setting up your social media outlets). Be sure to include your homepage link and branding (both your user icon and background). You can also choose to receive updates on your mobile device, for either a particular fellow Twitter user. You may also setup email notices for follower notifications, direct text emails or newsletter updates.

Targeting Pro Marketing on Twitter
If you want to see how the dynamics of Twitter works, just do a search for people you already know using it. Once you are following them, you can see how they interact with one another. It is easy to pick up quickly on re-tweets or “RT’s” (if you like a post another user has made you “retweet” what they tweeted and give them credit by including their username so others can follow them as well if they like the information, it is a great way to share) and Follow Fridays “FF” (for the people you enjoy the most, you can do a “follow suggestion” on Friday to suggest your other Twitter followers, again another way to share information and great users). There are lots of other tips and tricks you can pick up along the way – let alone lifelong friends and associates you don’t know how you ever lived without.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start Tweeting! Please feel free to follow me, I would love to be a part of your Twitter Family!

If you need any assistance in setting up or maintaining your Twitter account, my services are available - feel free to send me a tweet! ;) Don't be shy!

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