Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank Your Artist

I had an interesting revelation this week, so I thought I would do a write-up about it. Upon my vast amount of time on the internet, I stumbled upon a very interesting quote (some of you may have seen me quote it on my other social media sites).

The quote is as follows:

"An artist chooses his subjects: that is the way he praises,"

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

At first it struck me just as an appealing (and true) phrase. I mean…who would bother creating a piece of art for someone if they didn’t care about them or the subject manner?

Then I started to delve deeper into it.

I began thinking about all the previous artworks I had done. I began to think about all the subjects I included in them from my life.

This quote never began to ring so true. When you are included in on someone’s artistic works – may it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, poem, song or even a mix tape – it is because you inspired that person. Your influence in their life was so great that they found an artistic outlet to commemorate you.

I have never done a piece on someone that did not illicit some sort of strong emotion to me. Let’s face it – why would anyone create works they were not passionate about? Money can sometimes be a great motivator for someone to create custom art (don’t get me wrong) – but it is the soulful art that comes from deep within.

Looking back in my memory banks (and dusting off a few old files) I recalled one of the first things I did for my (now) husband back when we were friends – I wrote him a sonnet. Although the poem itself is unfortunately lost to time, I can still recall the subject – of building a mansion up in Heaven and how each room was not build with brick and mortar but with love and dreams. How each room was a memory added on over time. That was nearly 11 years ago.

When I received my very first digital pen – my very first subject was my youngest daughter. I sketched out a replication of a photo of her on her birthday and recolored it.

As a Christmas gift for my family I am designing a “Family Calendar” that has seasonal themes incorporated with pictures of each individual for their birthday month and accomplishes they have made in life.

One of the first drawings I ever did in school was one of my mother (which amazingly she still has) of her and I in front of our house (you know – triangle dresses and all!).

I also love fantasy creatures and often include them in my works. There is something about letting your imagination run in wild abandon that makes art more like fun and less like work. Again, to create that in which you love is a very pure form of praise.

May artists paint nature because of all the beautiful things the natural world brings to us - the joy and astonished wonderment that captivates our thoughts and expresses itself out through our pens and brushes (and mouse clicks).

Not a deeply informative post I know, more of a public service announcement. I remember when I was young when I sometimes didn’t have the ability to “purchase” a gift for a friend or family member I would “make” them something. I think a lot of folks may think that is cheaping out – a good way to get out of getting a worthy present or something of that nature. You’d get the raised eyebrow and a head nod with “that’s nice” but not a thank-you or a hug for hours of work you put into something. A piece of art is an extension of the soul – not something you can purchase in a department store window. It is not something anyone else has or ever will have – it is a unique and priceless gift unto itself. (I don’t know if macaroni pictures count for this…)

If anyone ever creates art of you or about – it is one of the deepest compliments one can give, be sure to thank them, as more than likely it came directly from the heart!



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