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Heat Things Up This Summer With These Seven FREE Sizzling Marketing Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

Seven Sizzling Summer Marketing Tips!

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Seven Inspiring Summer Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Things are heating up and spending fever is catching on quick, time to kick your business marketing into gear while the iron is hot! It is easy to neglect the busy months of summer, but with these seven super easy marketing tips you simply can’t go wrong!

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1. Summer Savings Promotion

Summer is the perfect time to launch a new marketing campaign. Even if summer is your busy season, ride the wave of success longer with proper marketing and building brand awareness. Take the time to sketch out exactly what you want to accomplish this season – be sure to keep it reasonable for the time frame. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to gain more popularity on social media? Do you want to have more product sales? Do you want to get the word out about your new summer offer? Be specific about your goals, and start a timeline of things that need to be done in order to make that happen. Marketing Tip: Be sure to keep your theme and slogan throughout your holiday marketing efforts.

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Beaches / Sand
Beach Towels / Umbrellas / Lawn Chairs
Flip Flops / Sunglasses
Ice Cream
Sun / Sunshine
Palm Trees
Heat / Hot
Make A Splash This Summer
Dip Into Summer Savings
The Doctor Ordered More Vitamin Sea
Hot Summer Deals
Summer Fun Has Begun
Chill Out This Summer
Summer Vacation
Beat The Heat
Don’t Get Burnt This Summer
Fun In The Sun

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2. Summer Print Media Marketing Campaign

Get in the summer spirit with a fun summer theme. Pick a theme and sketch out an idea to get the word out about your hot summer promotion. Accomplish this with various types of flyers, such as tri-folds, networking handouts, self mailers, and postcards just to name a few - not to mention signage, banners, and themed displays. Be sure your design is professional-looking and delivers your summer marketing message effectively. To ensure that happens, be sure to hire a professional print design company that will get you the product you need to wow customers.

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3. Summer Web Design Enhancements

Let your client-base know you are putting together something special for the summer by jazzing up your website. This helps online clients get in the mood with colorful summer images that compliment your theme. Be sure to highlight your summer savings deals with banners and icon placement in strategic areas of your website. Be sure to incorporate your slogan for better branding and name recognition. Not sure where to start with your web design? Targeting Pro Marketing can help point you in the right direction with a free web analysis ($100 value) - simply put "Summer Marketing Help" in the comments, and we will be in touch!

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4. Summer-Time Graphics

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, creating an enticing summer marketing event with custom graphics specifically designed for it can really bring in sales! The biggest goal of creating a marketing event for your business is to make that event memorable. Use bright colors, and flashy graphics in your print designs, web enhancements, and of course social media. Images are shared a lot more on social media than anything else and have a huge impact as they can be shared easily. Want to increase your reach? Include a graphic with your summer theme marketing event that compliments the message you are trying to send out. Be specific – do you want them to like, share, comment, give their opinion, win a prize, etc? If you want them to “Save the Date” of a big sales event, create an event for your Facebook Page, share it in local networking groups, and manage any questions Facebook users may have. Remember: Make it noticeable, make it amazing, make it memorable – apply that to visually appealing graphics and you have a great combo! Need a little help with putting together some great summer sales designs? Targeting Pro Marketing can help with that, graphic design is our specialty!

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5. Summer Blog Content / Seasonal Landing Pages

In a world where the internet is the information highway, content is STILL king! Don’t neglect your custom article, blog write-ups, unique landing pages, and event details. Doing so with custom-written content will have the search engines crawling all over your website. Couple that with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you can really start getting traction for your marketing efforts! Including design elements, incorporating SEO, and having “capture pages” for customers to land on can help to increase traffic and sales during the summer. Keeping them with your theme can also make them evergreen content – meaning you can use them again, and again each year! (And we’re all about going green, right?)

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6. Summer Social Media Marketing Campaign

Its not just for kids! More and more people are influenced on purchase decisions based off social media exposure. Why? Let’s face it, humans are social creatures. Studies have shown that if someone knows another person that has had an experience with a product or company, they are more than likely going to purchase that product or through that company on the good recommendation their friend has. This is what makes social media a vital part of your marketing campaign. Now with using targeted ads, you can increase your reach to certain demographics and literally get what you pay for with each click. Couple this with the custom graphics, Facebook events, and other social media platforms, you can really extend your marketing reach during the hot summer months!

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7. Summer Give-Aways

Nothing gets attention faster than a freebie on the internet. It may seem like a pun, but anyone on, in, or around social media will get a chuckle out of that one – because it is SO TRUE. If you really want to garner attention to your summer marketing event, be sure to offer something to customers (and new potential customers) something for free. This could be a door prize for visiting your in-store location, it could be for a free item with purchase, it can be for participating in liking and sharing your Facebook event, or it can be a goodie bag for kids. Whatever you decide on, make sure it matches with your theme, and offers value to your customer. Offering these goodies can speak volumes and can give customers a great reason for stopping in or trying your products. Giving something away for free rarely costs anything on a technical level – because you can pay much for the opportunity to just be noticed by a client in paid advertising. There is no price on personal experience! Market your freebies and give-aways right, and you can stir up a lot of interest without breaking the bank.

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Don’t fry your eggs all in one pan this summer! When putting together your summer marketing platform, try not to rely on one tactic or platform, be sure to spread out your efforts. Think of it like casting a larger net – you have more reach with the potential of bringing in more clients and more sales. Diversify your marketing strategy and do a bit of everything, from there watch your metrics closely and take note of what works and what doesn’t.

Have questions on your setting up your marketing campaign? Targeting Pro Marketing specializes in seasonal marketing campaigns, and we will be more than happy to help walk you through the process that is right for you, your business, your industry, your area, and your budget.

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