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Spring Forward With These FREE Easter Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Get in the GREEN this Spring Holiday Season with these easy to do Easter marketing tips, tricks, and ideas!  

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FREE Easter Holiday Marketing Tips Tricks and Ideas

It’s time to spring forward with your business marketing!  So many small businesses fall short during the year because they only focus on the big ticket holidays of winter.  Why not jazz things up in Spring, when sales are in full bloom?  With the following information, you will find some great marketing tips to help keep you in the green this season, compliments of Targeting Pro Marketing

1. Easter Holiday Greeting To Clients

Easter is a fabulous holiday, and it can also be equally wonderful in your marketing campaign.  This is perfectly timed to be after the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year rush, and is an excellent time to remind clients of your business, your brand, your products, and your services.  Putting together a holiday greeting message to clients is one of the simplest forms of marketing you can commit to.  It can be something as simple as coming up with a holiday slogan, using a holiday-themed logo, and pushing your branding to an Email Campaign, signage, print media such as flyers/brochures, and social media images.  Be sure to keep your theme and slogan throughout your holiday marketing efforts. 

2. Easter Promotion

Sit down and hash out an excellent Easter offer that will bring your clients to your store, generate phone calls, or trigger email responses.  To do that you first must recognize what it is you want to accomplish.  Do you want to get more appointments?  Grow website traffic?  Increase revenue?  Build customer loyalty?  Increase brand awareness?

Build something that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.  A Spring Marketing Plan can mean a bonus revenue source this year!   Need help putting together a Marketing Plan?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for help with your Easter endeavor.

3. Show Your Easter Spirit

Let your client-base know you are putting together something special for the spring holiday.  Create a marketing campaign with a catchy slogan you can use all day, week, and month long (and re-purpose every year if you wanted to)!  Here are some captivating Easter slogan ideas that will keep them coming back from more:


EGG-cellent Savings!
We’re so EGG-Cited!
Hop On In!
Sale EGG-stravaganza!
Hop To It!
Spring Forward With These Savings!
Some Bunny Loves You
Spring Is In The Air
Check Out THESE Easter Eggs…
Easter Blessings
Keep Calm And Easter On
EGG-Citing Savings
24 Karat Deals
Basket Full Of Goodies
Color Me Happy
Head Down To The Carrot Patch
Cast Your Peepers On This!
For My Peeps…
Sunrise Service
To Dye For
You Make Me Hoppy
You Crack Me Up
Spring Fling
Just To Dye For

4. Create An Event

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, creating an enticing Easter holiday event can really bring in sales!  The biggest goal of creating a marketing event for your business is to make that event memorable.  You want them to “save the date” – which is pretty important in today’s standards.  Save the date can mean slapping your flyer on the fridge, “going” to your event on Facebook, or having someone finding your deal so irresistible they put it in their phone and make it an “event” to go to.  What could be better?  Remember: Make it noticeable, make it amazing, make it memorable. 

5. Create An Easter Contest

Nothing gets more interaction than creating a contest.  What does that mean for your business?  That means making a prize worth attaining, or an event worth participating in.  Here are some contest ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Photo Contest

Do you provide products to clients?  What about creating an event where your products are featured in client photos?  Not only is this excellent PR (Public Relations), this can be reusable content you can use in future promotions.  It is a wealth of possibilities!  The same thing is for those in the service industry.  For example: Do you provide lawn care?  Why not have the “best lawn” Spring competition?  For restaurants, why not have clients post their “Favorite Dish” – even if the results are a custom client special, let them know how you are willing to please!  Seriously, the possibilities really are endless with this novel approach.  Need help or guidance for rules and regulations for your contest?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing and we would be happy to guide you through your contest process.

In-Store Event

What is better than having your clients peruse your store on the holiday day off?  Offering something special to them!  Why not create an “Easter Egg Hunt” right in your store?  Set a time frame, hide specials, deals, and coupons in Easter Eggs, and hide them throughout the store.  Select a time frame that those customers can discover your amazing deals, and have an amazing experience.  Extra points to ask those clients to have their photo taken or picture of their products showing their excitement and appreciation for winning your special sale event.

Community Event

It isn’t just about the store, take your business to the next level by offering to participate in a community event.  You can sponsor a school, organization, church or charity to put on an Easter special event.  Do what you are passionate about.  If you have a certain charity, church, non-profit, or organization you support – highlight your partnership on this loving spring holiday. Giving blessings for a memorable event for people create life-long fans, don't skimp on matters of the heart!

6. “Easter Egg” Find

It’s not just for kids!  You can set up an Easter Egg Hunt in your store (see above), or you can even do an Easter Egg Hunt event on your website.  How can you do that?  Create Easter images with special discounts and codes for your clients.  Hide those images in not-so-traveled areas of your website.  This rewards clients to search your website and discover areas they may not have known even existed.  Rewarding them for their efforts is just icing on the cake! What fun!

7. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Jump right in and sponsor a holiday Easter Egg Hunt in your local community.  This can be providing supplies, coloring eggs, offering food/drink, or offering a venue for the Easter Egg Hunt.  This will get a lot of promotion as partners and charities will typically give their sponsors notoriety for their efforts.  Be sure to ask around to local schools, churches, children groups, and non-profits to see if you can team up and have an exceptionally great holiday experience! (Egg-ceptionally?)

Easter Egg Hunts aren’t just for kids anymore, if your business caters to a more adult atmosphere, be sure to target your egg hunt to that.  You can do in-store hunts for coupons, product placements, goodie bags, and more! Let's face it, as adults most of us really enjoy shopping, why not make it fun with an Easter holiday theme? Now THAT is a marketing promotion to dye for! (Har-har!)

8. Give-Away Easter Goodies

Spring is a time for new beginnings, don’t be afraid to invest in the concept of the “freebie” to rouse attention.  Something for free isn’t always a sale lost, it is an opportunity (sound familiar?).  If a client has not heard of your business, or has not been made aware of a particular good or service you provide, offering that goodie in the form of something for free can speak volumes.  Depending on what you do, you can offer a free item to clients in raffles, in-store give-aways, event goodie-bags, or charity door prizes.  Giving away a free massage, free haircut, or free item up to a certain amount can bring brand awareness to what you have to offer, and gain you both web and foot traffic.  Giving something away for free rarely costs anything on a technical level – because you can pay as much for the opportunity to just be noticed by a client in paid advertising.  There is no price on personal experience! Again, don't forget the heart and keep your marketing goals in mind of what you are trying to achieve.

 Easter Social Media Campaign

Bringing your holiday marketing to the social media platform can gain you exponential exposure!  There are so many options you can do to participate in this beautiful holiday event.  Share holiday-themed images. Be careful here - slapping up just any old image can have serious repercussions if not executed properly. Sniping an image you found online and posting it "as your own image" can land you in hot water with copyright infringement, you may not think it is a big deal until it happens to you. You can get sued by the original creator and/or owner of that image, and they can go after "perceived profits" if you used it in a marketing campaign that you financially benefited from. If you are going to borrow images, make sure you either have permission or give proper credit. It is always safest to have a custom image designed for your company, then there is no worry or concern of copyrights. Don't be afraid to be social, just be sure you aren't stepping on anyone's toes to do it.

Holiday-Themed Products

Offering customers Easter products is a simple and easy promotion for social media.  It has become the face of social interaction – and people have not only grown accustomed to holiday promotions, the introduction of holiday images, feelings, emotions, and messages is practically expected.  Product placement can be especially successful when paired with timely holiday images.  Do it right, and your fan base will even do the promotions for you with sharing! You can really shine here with Easter-themed images, product placement, and paired with tasteful messages and graphics can really go a long way.


Let us not forget you can make your holiday contests social!  This means you can promote and advertise your “social event” with a gusto, and you need only to sit back and monitor fan engagement.  Setting up a contest can be tricky on some platforms, if you need a social media marketing expert to offer assistance you along the way, Targeting Pro Marketing is happy to help.

Fan Engagement

Holidays are a special time in the marketing year.  You can invoke feelings and emotions that may not be present during the typical sale year.  Promoting your event properly on social media can elicit high customer engagement, and create a “sharing is caring” environment. A great marketing campaign pulls at many things, interesting visuals, proper placement, complimentary colors, thoughtful messages, correct fonts for the message, and pulling at the heart strings is just an added bonus. Make it special, and your customers will "feel it" when they see it.

Make Things “Pinteresting”

We have never left the world where a picture speaks a thousand words.  That being said, you should make extra efforts to take beautiful photos as it pertains to your business.  Posting these images (in a non-sales format, or you could get nailed for spam) can certainly gain interest and customer love when applied correctly. The more interesting and beautiful the image, the more likely it will be gobbled up and shared exponentially on this visual platform.

10. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Try not to rely on just one sales platform.  Diversifying your marketing can really give you a broad-coverage on your marketing campaign.  The more diverse you are, and the more marketing avenues you pursue, the more likely you are to find success on holiday sales. 

Have questions on your marketing?  Targeting Pro Marketing specializes in holiday campaigns, and we will be more than happy to help walk you through the process that is right for you, your business, your industry, and your budget.  CONTACT US HERE >>  Targeting Pro Marketing Specialist

As a special thank-you for reading our blog article, please accept our current Easter offer.  Thanks for hopping by!

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