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Seven Sweet Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Seven Sweet Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Free Holiday Marketing Tips by Targeting Pro Marketing

Valentine’s Day – the day chosen to show that special someone just how much they mean to you.  Why not apply the same concept to your customers?  After all, we certainly love our clients!  We also absolutely love what we do.  Here are some great Valentine marketing tips, tricks, and ideas to get your customers to fall in love with you all over again. 

1. A Catchy Valentine’s Day Slogan

These are not just “Hallmark Holidays” as some people like to refer to, the holidays do get people in the holiday spirit, in the mindset of giving, and make them think about what the holiday represents.  If you aren’t capitalizing on this, you may be missing the love boat on days like Valentine’s Day.  Here are some slogans to make your heart melt:

Check Out These Sweet Deals
Fall In Love With These Discounts
Make It From The Heart This Year…
Hugs And Kisses For The Mrs
Hearts, And Roses, And Chocolates, Oh My!
Let’s Have A Heart To Heart
Cakes And Candy Certainly Are Dandy
Steal Their Heart This Valentine’s Day

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Incorporate your catchy and custom slogan into your holiday marketing.  That means pushing your slogan in your promotional print materials, signage, website banners, graphic designs, event promos, and email campaigns.  Your marketing efforts should all tie into one another and should be tracked, giving you clear analytics as to what is successful and what is not so you know where to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars.  Not sure what direction to head in?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing for a consultation, and we can help you design your marketing road map to success!

2. Love Your Special Clients

Don’t let them get away!  Show how much you care about your clients by developing an exceptional holiday deal for them.  If you have a large client base, use analytics to discern which clients are your most valuable, and design your deal around that.  You can also entice them back into your store with in-store coupons, limited time discounts on services, and great deals on select retail items.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Create a Client Appreciation Event to show your customers just how much they mean to you.  You can make this exclusive to existing clients, include an “invite a friend” option, or leave it open to the public.  You can require a sign-up registry to capture new client information, or have existing clients update their contact information in the process.

3. Web Design Update For Valentine’s Day

Don’t reserve web updates for just the big ticket holidays!  Adding thoughtful and emotion-provoking images to your website shows you are keeping your site fresh, and can put customers “in the mood” for holiday shopping.  Even a simple color change to match the holidays can put people psychologically into the spirit of love.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Change over your entire theme by editing your CSS with an entire palette of holiday colors and images.  This theme can also be reused year after year without having to do a complete redesign again.  You can do this initial cost and then repurpose it for years to come!  If you would like to know more about Targeting Pro Marketing web design fees, please feel free to contact us for a free web design quote.

4. Valentine’s Email Campaign

Hit them in the mailbox!  Don’t let love slip by, if you went to all the trouble of designing a great deal, it doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it.  Send customers the details of your special via email.  You can bring them back to your store, or create online shopping deals they just can’t pass up.  Plan ahead and be sure to get them the deals early before your competition, and plan for the holiday rush.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Include a trackable coupon code for your deals, this way you will know how many of your sales were directly generated from your special.  You can also use custom url’s if your email program doesn’t have a good tracking system built-in.  Knowing this valuable marketing analytics will let you know how effective your advertising tactics are working.  This also holds your marketing company accountable for what types of results you can expect.  If you are dealing with a marketing  company that promises the moon and the stars for an email campaign, they should be able to provide clear analytics on the performance.  All marketing companies should be able to provide you with a reasonable range and percentage, but do not pay top dollar for low-quality services.  Need some holiday email marketing ideas?  Check out our Targeting Pro Project Gallery for inspiration!

5.  Print Marketing For Valentine’s Day

Don’t underestimate the power of a gorgeous flyer!  Even if you don’t send your marketing via mail, you can create a visual discount sheet / coupons for your customers.  You can also create a “share the love” campaign for referring a friend.  This grows your customer base AND rewards the customers that love you!

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Don’t just throw money at the mailbox, make sure it is working for you.  Be sure to include unique trackable coupons in your print marketing (do not use the same coupon codes that you place in your email campaign, or on social media), this allows you to create strong marketing pillars and know where your strong advertising efforts are paying off.  How about a little print marketing inspiration?  You can find that in the Targeting Pro Marketing Gallery as well – specifically including Valentine’s Day projects!

6. Valentine’s Day Blog Post

Don’t leave anyone out in the cold!  This is a great way to highlight featured items or services you have to offer.  Remember, your blog should be updated regularly and is a great way to push your brand recognition, harvest SEO traction, and put specialized information that may not be entirely appropriate for your website like informative articles, product comparisons, product highlights, etc.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Use your holiday blog post as an educational opportunity.  Do you have common questions about certain products?  Why not create a product feature post?  If you are a business-to-business company, you can share the love with featuring one of your client’s companies in a blog post.  Not only will this be a great relationship-builder for your client, you can share a lot of link love to their website, products, social media, and more!  Now who wouldn’t love that? 

7. Valentine’s Day Photography

An image really is worth a thousand words, so do not undervalue what a strong, compelling, or even adorable image can trigger purchasing power.  Go all out on your product or service highlights that incorporate the powerful holiday of love including whites, pinks, and reds, hearts, cupids, doves, roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and candy.

-- Take It To The Next Level:

Use these photos paired with your slogan and distribute them across all of your marketing efforts including your website, email campaigns, social media, and print marketing.  Need help deciding on what direction to head towards next?  Contact Targeting Pro Marketing to help you hash out your holiday marketing plan.

So there you have it, Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your customer appreciation, share the love with your business partners, and provide goods and services that make your clients’ heart melt! 

Show the love!  If you find these tips helpful, please feel free to share them, because sharing is caring.

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