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FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Inspiration

Free Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Tips and Tricks - Targeting Pro

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Inspiration

The month of November is really digging into the Fall / Autumn marketing season.  Most companies and organizations partake in the big Christmas holiday specials, but you can beat them to the punch with a Thanksgiving marketing campaign.  Couple this campaign with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you can really put yourself in the green this year!

The sooner you plan and hash out your fall marketing plan, the better.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that focuses on family, gathering, food, fun, and heck even sports.  Your targeted marketing campaign can focus on any of these items, on a seasonal service such as lawn/yard maintenance, restaurant/food industry, retail, etc.  Any combination of these can create a powerful advertising campaign that will show thoughtfulness and appreciation to your client base. 

Remember, the first portion of the sales funnel is awareness.  Marketing and advertising brings the purpose of your business to the attention of the public.  Without a strong marketing campaign, clients will not be able to discover who you are and what you do.  Reach out with compelling advertising that is unique, customized for your niche market, and keep in mind the giving and grateful nature of the bounty of fall.  Doing so will trickle your potential clients into consideration and preference as an easy hop skip from compelling marketing efforts!

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Slogans and Phrases - Targeting Pro



Catchy Thanksgiving/Fall Sales and Advertising Slogans:
Gobble Up These Great Deals
Let’s Talk Turkey About (Your Industry/Products)
We Are Thankful For YOU
Gratitude Not Attitude
Giving Thanks
A Heartfelt Thank-you
Thanksgiving Wishes
Don’t Quit Cold Turkey (get clients back)
Gobble Til You Wobble
Nobody Diets On Thanksgiving
Save A Turkey, Feast On This (Your Products/Services)
The Bird Is The Word
Winner Winner Turkey Dinner
The Holiday Season Is Sure To Be Pleasin’
Full Of Gratitude
Happy Thanksgiving From One Big Turkey To Another
It’s Turkey Time


Come Fall In Love With (Your Goods/Services)
Sweet Fall Deals (Including Dessert Images)
Fall Into Good Habits
Celebrate The Bountiful Season
Bountiful Discounts
Plant Smiles
Grow Giggles
Harvest Love
Food For Thought
Finding A Deal In A Haystack This Season
Bountiful And Thankful
Food For Thought
You Reap What You Sow, Sign Up Today
Fall Back Into Savings
Don’t Fall Behind This Year
A Harvest Of Discounts
Bushels Of Savings
Fall Fest
Leaf It To Us – Check Out Our Fall Discounts
Fall Savings That Aren’t Too Corny
Rake In The Fall Savings
Leaves Aren’t The Only Thing Falling Around Here
The Fall Spectacular Is Here
Falling Leaves And Falling Prices
Carve Out Some Great Deals At (Your Company Name)

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Web Design Update - Targeting Pro


Holiday images offer an inviting platform to welcome your clients onto your online presence.  When clients land on a website that has timely holiday images, it echoes care and thoughtfulness into their user experience.  Simply placing several Thanksgiving / Fall visuals on your website show that you are mindful of your clients and that your website is not stagnant but a living, breathing extension of your company. 

Combining prominent Thanksgiving / Fall images with your brand conveys a strong holiday message and considerate approach to your company’s online presence.  You are not just trying to make a quick sale, you are trying to develop a meaningful relationship with your clients and potential clients through your promotional advertising.  How many times do you hear people saying they were not aware of a holiday special or event for an organization?  Marketing is simply getting your message out in a logical and attractive way that also drives sales.  You don’t have to “spam” your advertising, but let your company sell itself with a cohesive web design that screams “we have our stuff together” on the internet.

Customized holiday landing pages can capture client interest two fold.  You can create a landing page that offers a very prominent special to capture new client contact information (that may seem familiar, wink wink).  You can also create a holiday specials page that showcases your seasonal discounts with specialized url’s in your social, print, and email marketing campaigns.  Place a form to complete before jumping to a freebie offer – it is a great way to build your client base!

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Custom Graphic Design - Targeting Pro


So simple, so effective!  Unique graphics designed for your particular brand and discounts can stand out above copy cat competition.  Stealing other people’s images and common marketing tactics just comes off as tacky to consumers.  In today’s day and age when marketing is an open door, you have to rise above the chatter to let your voice be heard.  Studies show visual marketing attracts more clients than text alone.  Using custom graphics in your social media, on your website, and in print marketing, will go a long way. 

Using custom graphics internally can mean generating extra income from your website.  Do you have partners or industry professionals you work with?  Why not ask them to partake in paid advertising on your website?  Offering partners a custom banner ad on your website on a monthly or yearly basis can mean your organization is gaining  profit without breaking the bank.  You can also highlight your deals, discounts, and specials on your website with attractive banners that click-through to your products, services, or landing pages.  Grab client’s attention before they lost in holiday no man’s land...

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Email Newsletter Campaign Design - Targeting Pro


The best source for new sales are actually through the clients you have already won over, and can continue to win over with repeat business.  An excellent place to start your holiday marketing efforts is in your past client pool.  It is this group you should offer your best deals, discounts, and promotions as a strong  “thank you for your business” – perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday season.  A clever way to capitalized on your past clients is through their personal email by sending them exclusive deals or discount codes via an email marketing campaign.  Don’t want to feel too “salesy” in November?  You can send out a holiday message to your clients to just touch base and keep up your brand awareness, no call to action to make a purchase. 

Note that if you are updating your blog frequently (and we know you totally are, right?), you can pair those informational article posts with your newsletter to draw clients back to your blog and/or website.  Clients will look at what your company has to offer to learn more about your brand, and it is a great opportunity to establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader with helpful information.  Never underestimate the power of a strong blog article with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to show off your knowledge and professionalism! 

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing - High Quality Print Design - Targeting Pro


Hit them in the mailbox!  In a highly digital world, there is a huge misconception that print is dead.  NO!  Print lives!  With the norm of being flooded with digital images in our digital world, give your clients something tangible this bountiful season.  Whether you develop flyers, tri-fold brochures, tear-offs, postcards, letters, signs or banners, customize your promotions with print media.  Use custom url’s in your print campaign to gauge effectiveness! 

Need some inspiration?  Check out the Targeting Pro Marketing Project Gallery for ideas and inspiration!


FREE Thanksgiving Marketing - Professional Photography - Targeting Pro


Digital graphics may not always be able to cut the mustard at the Thanksgiving table.  Be sure to consider professional photos as a way to offer compelling images to your clients and potential clients.  Pairing your goods and services with holiday-themed photography can push you ahead of your competition this year.  Targeting Pro Marketing has done professional photography for industries such as restaurants, catering, real estate, construction, gardening, landscape, wood working, and more!  If your goods or services are tailored for the seasons, then your marketing should be as well!  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you are not including relevant images to your marketing routine, your may be missing out on a huge opportunity for this major holiday.
FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Social Media Advertising - Targeting Pro


Nothing says social like Thanksgiving!  The stellar holiday for getting connected, especially through the popular social media outlets.  Facebook is by far the strongest contender for being time effective.  It is the most popular social platform, and can be coupled with Facebook's paid advertising campaigns to reach even more Fans!  Fun holiday graphics are welcomed by social media users where they don’t take things too seriously and you can also capitalize on the “sharing is caring” effect.  When Facebook users see a product or service they love, they are not afraid to share it to their list is a “got to have” this holiday (hint, hint, am I right?).  Don't forget to add any fun holiday pictures from “around the office” or your company event – people really love to see the “real life faces” behind organizations, and it really adds that human touch we can all connect with.

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing - Blog Content Creation - Targeting Pro


Keeping fresh, relative content on your blog can be difficult.  This is especially true when you are busy with all the activities of the holidays!  That being said, we cannot stress enough the extreme importance of unique content to gain organic web traffic.  When you pair your unique blog articles with email and social media to push traffic to your website, you create an exponential platform for your firm foundation of solid content.  Write relevant informational articles pertaining to your business.  Be sure to include topics like what types of problems your company solves, what types of services you provide, who your target audience is, and take the time to answer some of the more common questions your clientele tends to have.  Keep your target audience in mind, and what types of issues your company or products solve for them, and tailor your articles to include that information.  Coupling your unique blog content with compelling custom graphics will really give the one-two punch for readers! Don't get left behind this year with your marketing efforts, you can always ask for help with your marketing so you can get back to what you do best - running your business.

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Deals Discounts Specials - Targeting Pro


Thanksgiving could not be a more perfect holiday to offer your clients excellent deals, discounts, and specials as your company’s way of saying “thank you” for your business.  Plus, let’s face it, EVERYONE loves a great deal, right? 

While companies are fighting for client attention during the busy holiday season, things can get a wee bit intimidating when you are out there trying to carve out a name for yourself (especially for small business owners).  It is the perfect time to sit down and hammer out what kinds of deals you can give your best current clients, and what types of specials will attract new clients.  You can easily target your best specials for your past clients (remember what we said about them being the best source for new business?) with a combination of marketing techniques.  Targeting new customers?  Create a special coupon code or landing page on your website to track how well your efforts are paying off.  

Free Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Holiday Deals - Targeting Pro


Now, we are so thankful you took the time to read through our Thanksgiving marketing special feature article, that we want to give you our best Thanksgiving deal.  Sign up in the month of November and receive one custom graphic design when you buy two.  That’s a $50 value! 

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing Tips - Holiday Discounts - Targeting Pro


Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude.  As a thank-you for reading our informative article (that will hopefully assist you in boosting sales this holiday), we would like to offer you a 10% discount off of your entire purchase. Request your marketing services now >>  

FREE Thanksgiving Marketing - Holiday Specials - Targeting Pro


We just can’t thank you enough! Refer a friend to Targeting Pro Marketing – if they sign up by Thanksgiving, receive a FREE custom 500x500 (or equivalent) web graphic!

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