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FREE Christmas Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Inspiration For The Winter Holidays

FREE Christmas Marketing Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Inspiration For The Winter Holidays

FREE Christmas Holiday Marketing Tips Tricks Ideas and Inspiration

This is it!  The biggest revenue-generating month of the year!  Are you ready?  Have you planned?  Even if you have, Targeting Pro Marketing is proud to help with these FREE easy-to-do marketing tips and tricks to help you end the year with a bang! 

The Christmas / Winter marketing season simply cannot be missed.  Although the market is highly competitive, you can push yourself ahead with some simple marketing techniques that can help you outshine the competition.  Use these great, free and easy tips throughout the season to the New Year and get back in the black.  These tips are easily adaptable for each year, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

The first portion of the sales funnel is awareness, and marketing brings the purpose of your business to the attention of the public.  It is all about discovery, and a strong marketing plan brings the awareness of your brand, your goods, and your stellar services to your client’s attention.  So whether you are a retail seller, wholesaler, seasonal service industry, internet retailer, or business-to-business professional, these holiday tips will you have spreading cheer this year with a powerful advertising campaign that will show thoughtfulness and appreciation to your client-base.

Free Christmas Marketing Slogans and Phrases For The Holidays


Catchy Christmas/Winter Sales and Advertising Slogans:
The Best Gifts This Holiday Season
Home For The Holidays
Put An Extra Jingle In Your Pocket This Christmas…
Spread Christmas Cheer This Year
Dear Santa, I’ve Been Good
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
You’d Better Watch Out – For These Incredible Holiday Savings
Dear Santa, I Can Explain
Don’t Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle
Put The Merry In Someone’s Christmas
Check Off Your Christmas List
Winner Winner Christmas Dinner
The Holiday Season Is Sure To Be Pleasin’
Evergreen Christmas (gifts that last)
Home For Christmas, Therapy By New Year’s
Too Late To Be Good?  Treat Yourself With These Deals!
By Golly, Be Jolly
Deck Your Halls
Don’t Be A Grinch Get These, Gifts In A Pinch
Wrapped With Care
You Don’t Have To Pout


Baby It’s Cold Outside
Sweet Holiday Deals (Include Dessert Images)
Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Celebrate The Winter Season
Chilling Discounts
Let It Snow… Savings!
Warm Up With These Hot Deals
Think Twice Before Being On Thin Ice
Food For Thought
Treat Someone This Holiday Season
Warmest Greetings This Winter Season
Food For Thought
Fill Your Stocking, Sign Up Today
Chill Out – We Have Your Covered
Cold Days, Warm Hearts
Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold
Welcoming Decem-burrrrr!
License To Chill
Up To Snow Good
There’s Snow Place Like Home
Let This Melt Your Heart This Winter…
Don’t Flake Out This Winter – There Is Still Time!
Cool Winter Savings
Carve Out Some Great Deals At (Your Company Name)
Beat The Sleet
Ice Ice Baby
Cabin Fever
Feelin’ Frosty
White Out Sale
Winter Wonderland
Holly Day Magic

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Web Design Updates For Winter


Updating your website with relevant, inviting images will be a warm welcome for the Christmas holiday season.  In the time of year where everything seems decorated, your website should be no exception!  When clients land on your website with timely holiday images, it echoes care and thoughtfulness to their user experience.  It also tends to get people more in the spirit of holiday shopping!  Simply place several Christmas and winter-themed graphics on your website.  This can be something as simple as sprinkling in a few graphics, to going all-out with an entire winter skin for your website.  This will convey that your website is not stagnant but living, breathing extension of your company. 

Combining prominent Christmas / Winter images with your brand will convey a strong holiday message to visitors, and will provide a considerate approach to your organization’s online presence.   It is not just about trying to make a quick sale, it is about developing a meaningful relationship with your clients, and potential clients, through your promotional advertising.  So many times we hear that consumers are simply not aware of a holiday promotion or event… marketing is merely getting your brand message out in a logical and attractive way.  This marketing can also drive sales, and show how your organization solves problems for your clients.  You don’t have to “spam” your advertising, but let your company sell itself with a cohesive web design that screams “we have our stuff together” on the internet. 

You can also incorporate customized holiday landing pages into your web design.  These can either be a created landing page for a potential client to land on offering a particular deal or incentive, a group of holiday specials, or coupled with a custom form created to capture client contact information.  You are not just building up your client base, but you are creating a life-long relationship with individuals who love your brand.  Include the use of specialized urls to track your social media, print, and email marketing campaign effectiveness. 

Want to really gain new contacts?  Offer something completely free, and place a landing page stop before they get there.  You can offer a free gift, a gift card to your store, a branded item with your company logo, valuable information, etc.  This is an excellent way to build up your client base around the Christmas holiday!

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Custom Graphic Design


Custom graphics are so simple, so effective!  Developing unique graphics that pair your particular brand, products, or services with the holiday season can leave a lasting impact on your clients.  Stand out above copy cat competition, who recycle other people’s images or haven’t updated their holiday look for the past decade.  In today’s day and age, when advertising is an open door, you really have to take advantage of the unique services you offer to rise above the chatter.  Let your voice be heard this holiday season with graphics that highlight incredible savings, seasonal specials, and pairing your brand with strong holiday images presented in a unique and thoughtful way.  Offer something new and compelling from the hum-drum everyday consumers have grown so accustomed to.   Plus, let’s be honest, stealing other company’s images and common marketing tactics just comes off as tacky to consumers – they’re not stupid.  In addition to turning off those you are looking to attract, you can open yourself up to legal repercussions if the copying is on copyrighted images.  Lawsuits are not fun. 

Developing unique graphics to communicate your holiday offers.  Advertising studies have shown that visual marketing attracts more clients than text (messages in text only) alone.  Using custom graphics in social media, on your website, and in print marketing, will go a long way.  When considering a social media campaign, know that images typically rank higher in user feeds than text ads alone.  So be sure to include an attractive, considerate, and relevant image to your brand this season.

FREE Christmas Marketing Tricks Email Newsletter Campaign


It is commonly understood that the best source of new sales is actually through past clients you have already won over, and can continue to win over with repeat business.  A great area to start in for your holiday marketing efforts can be found right in your past client list.  We understand that not every small business may have a database, but hopefully you have a list of past clients that include email addresses, even if it is a simple export of your email contacts. 

The reason Targeting Pro Marketing emphasizes past client marketing so much, is because this is the group you should offer your best deals, discounts, and promotions as a strong  “thank you for your business” message of appreciation for the holiday season.  A clever and convenient way to capitalize on your past client contact list is through their personal email.  With a comprehensive email list, sending exclusive deals or discount codes via an email marketing campaign will show your brand as thoughtful and considerate.  That being said, if you don’t want to feel overly “salesy” in December, you can easily send out a holiday message to your past clients simply to touch base and keep up your brand awareness, without the use of a call to action to make a purchase. 

Please note that if you are updating your blog frequently (and we know you are, right?), you can easily pair those article posts that are bursting with information by hitching their content to your newsletter.  This will not only draw clients back to your blog and/or website, but you can also offer valuable only-your-brand-provided info to them.  Clients will look at what your organization has to offer, which means it is an opportunity for clients to learn more about your brand, and to establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader with helpful information.  Never underestimate the power of a strong blog article with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to show off your knowledge and professionalism – it really does go a long way!

Need some ideas? Check out the Targeting Pro Marketing Design Gallery for some email blast inspiration.

FREE Christmas Marketing Tips Quality Print Design


Hit them in the mailbox!  There is no doubt we live in a highly digital world – so much of our lives are now in digital format including news, weather, information, articles, books, etc.  Even though we are in a highly digital world, there is a huge misconception for businesses that print marketing is dead.  NO!  Print most certainly lives!  Being highly digital, we are constantly bombarded with digital advertising, emails, websites, ads, social media, and more.  Stand out above the crowd and give your clients something tangible this winter season with a promotion they can get their hands on.  Whether you develop clipable coupons, holiday flyers, tri-fold informational brochures, contact tear-offs, postcard mailers, standard letters, signs or banners, customize your promotions with print media.  Another useful tip: Use custom url’s in your print campaign to gauge effectiveness! 

Need some inspiration for your holiday print media?  Check out the Targeting Pro Marketing Project Gallery for ideas and inspiration!  If you see something you like, click to the right of the image to contact us and we will customize a design specifically for you!

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Professional Photography Help


Let’s face it, in some industries, digital graphics may not always be able to cut the mustard at the Christmas table.  Sometimes your best products, professional services, or your brand, can only be conveyed properly by being captured in a photograph.  This Christmas, consider professional photos as a way to offer compelling images to your clients and potential clients.  A picture certainly is worth a thousand words!  Pairing your brand with holiday-themed photography can push you ahead of your competition this year, as so many small businesses neglect to capitalize on this powerful marketing avenue.  Targeting Pro Marketing has done professional photography for industries such as restaurants, catering, real estate, construction, gardening, landscape, wood working, tech and more!  If your goods or services are tailored for the seasons, then your marketing should be as well – and Christmas is no exception!  If you are not including relevant images to your marketing routine, your may be missing out on a huge opportunity for this major revenue-generating holiday.

Free Christmas Marketing Tips and Tricks Blog Content


We know as a small business, that keeping fresh, relevant content on your blog can be difficult.  This is especially true when you are trying to keep up with the holiday rush as it is, and planning for your own family behind the scenes.  Never underestimate the power of a great blog article!  Here at Targeting Pro Marketing, we cannot stress enough the extreme importance of unique and timely content to gain organic web traffic.  If you really want to gain traction for your business, the best way to blast forward is with a powerful and lively blog that doesn’t rest for the holiday season.  When your organization pairs unique informational articles with email and doubles up with social media, you can really push traffic to your website and create an exponential platform for your firm foundation of solid content. 

Not sure where to start?  If you already have a blog, don’t feel intimidated by jumping right back in to this powerful digital platform.  Write relevant informational articles pertaining to your industry, your brand, your products, and the services you provide above and beyond your competition.  Be sure to include topics like what types of problems your organization solves, what types of services you provide to clients, your focus on business-to-consumer or business-to-business, who your target audience is (age, sex, geographical location, etc), and take the time to answer some of the more common questions your clientele has.  Do you get common questions over and over again?  Why not answer them in a blog article?  Not only will there be a good chance your clients will first search the internet for specific questions, gaining you organic search engine traffic, but you will have an informational trail always leading back to you as an expert in your field.  Keep your target audience in mind, and what types of issues your company or products solve for them.  Tailor your articles to include that helpful information people first research online.  Coupling your unique blog content with compelling custom graphics will really give the one-two punch for readers AND is exactly what search engines are looking for!

FREE Christmas Marketing Deals Discounts and Specials


Christmas is the perfect holiday to offer your clients exceptional deals, discounts, specials and package promotions as your organization’s way of thanking them for their business!  Besides, EVERYONE loves a great deal, right? 

There is no doubt that the winter holiday season is highly competitive… and we understand that may get a wee bit intimidating for the small business owner when you’re trying to carve out a name for yourself.  That makes the Christmas season the perfect time to sit down and hammer out what kinds of deals you can give your best current clients, and what types of specials will attract new clients.  Here at Targeting Pro Marketing, we highly recommend to target your best clients with your BEST offers (remember what we said about them being the best source for new business?) with a combination of marketing techniques.  Looking to target new customers?  Create a special coupon code or landing page on your website to track how well your efforts are paying off – this will tell you what works and what doesn’t in your marketing campaigns.  

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Exceptional Deals


Now, we are so thankful you took the time to read through our Christmas marketing specials feature article, that we want to give you our best Christmas deal.  Sign up in the month of December and receive one custom graphic design free when you buy two.  That’s a $50 value! 

Free Christmas Marketing Ideas Compelling Customer Discounts


Christmas is all about giving.  As a thank-you for reading our informative article (that will hopefully assist you in boosting sales this holiday), we would like to offer you a 10% discount off of your entire purchase in the month of December.  Simply call or email with your upcoming marketing order, and mention our Christmas marketing blog post for this incredible deal!  

Free Christmas Marketing Tips Amazing Holiday Specials


We just can’t thank you enough, refer a friend to Targeting Pro Marketing – if they sign up by Christmas, YOU will receive a FREE custom web graphic!  If you have a friend you think is interested in Targeting Pro Marketing’s services, please fill out our Contact Form with your information, and put your friend’s referral information in the comments so we can give you proper credit. 
Merry Christmas! 

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