Friday, December 4, 2015

Drone Photography - Marketing That is Really Taking Off

There is no doubt the world is buzzing with all the talk of drones!  Drones are huge for us – not just because they allow us to completely geek out on the technology and high definition cameras, but to allow a new avenue for incredible aerial drone photography without having to have a pilot’s license (or clients having to pay expensive aircraft fees)!

Real Estate Drone Photography Services by Targeting Pro Marketing
Drone photography is creating the next marketing sensation and is a completely new (and highly affordable) way to highlight your company, products, municipalities, real estate and more!  We are completely psyched at how drone photos will open up new doors for marketing.

Crescent City & Lake Crescent Drone Photography by Targeting Pro Marketing

We not only provide these services at affordable prices, we also operate our drones safely and within the FAA regulated guidelines -- of which we are registered with and follow all proper safety precautions (we take this very seriously).  We couldn’t be more excited about this new aspect of our high tech marketing repertoire!

Real Estate Drone Photography Services in Lady Lake, Florida by Targeting Pro

In our sleepy home town of Crescent City, Florida we have already started practice runs and event images at our home base of operations, and we must confess - the results are already impressive!  We are passionate about our work and cannot wait to offer these services to assist in highlighting your company, products or cause.    

Drone Photography Services in Crescent City, Florida by Targeting Pro

Everything from real estate aerial listing photos, construction projects, large-scale operations, auto dealerships to government agencies looking to cast the spotlight on their local features on a large scale.  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! 

Automotive Dealership Drone Photography in Palatka, Florida by Targeting Pro Marketing

As you can see, this whole drone photography thing is really taking off!

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